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    Default Wanna be weightless :-)

    Hello, Fit People!
    I have joined here to get some idea about weight lose and keeping fit. Last month i set a goal to lose 5 kg. After lots of hard works, i have managed to lose 1kg

    I am currently 70kg. My goal is to lose 15 kg at least in long run. I just thought if i target to lose 5kg, i end up losing 1 kg. So in order to lose 15kg, i should target to lose 15*5=75kg! LoL

    I would rather target to become weightless! So suggest me if you know something!


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    Weight loss is desired if you are fat/overweight. But weight loss by itself AS A GOAL is doomed to failure. Rather you should strive to change your attitude about food and eating and make that your goal. It all begins in your head. Think about WHY it is important for you to lose weight. Vanity reasons are like smoke. They start out hot but disappear quickly in the wind. Weight loss should be tied to more substantive goals like physical feats. Pull ups for example. Concentrate on improving your pull ups - or other physical endevours and then eat according to that goal. High School reunion is not a good reason. Like smoke right? Regain control over inappropriate eating. You be the master - not your bad eating habits. Focus on performing amazing physical feats. Not a number on a scale. ...Dennis

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    It starts in the kitchen. Your diet will determine how much weight you lose. Start with cutting out white sugar, soft drinks, fruit juice, candy and then start with breads and grains as well.

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    Christina are you still there? I can tell you what to do if you like? Guaranteed to work.

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    Amanda Simon is offline Junior Member
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    It is important to stay fit and healthy If you don't have time to do some exercise, then you need to do is just that eat healthy food. And drink warm water with honey and lemon. This will helps you a lot

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    I agree with ad5ly,

    You have to wan't something that helps weight loss but it is not centered around weight loss... like hitting the gym to get healthy and changing the diet you are on now to a tasty yet healthier food plan trust me there is one out there

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