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Thread: Coconut Oil - High Heat

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    Default Coconut Oil - High Heat

    Loved Strong Medicine - it brought together an amazing number of threads into a single coherent piece.

    In the book, there is strong push to use coconut oil broadly. I have previously felt that it had a relatively low smoking point (~350 F, if I remember correctly) which might make it unsuitable for many uses - grilling, etc. Is there a sense from anyone that coconut oil might play by a different set of rules, hence the broad recommendation, or would something like, say, avocado oil still be a better high heat choice?

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    Hi Grant, I love Strong Medicine too -

    As for coconut oil, I've had great results with it over the past several years for most cooking tasks. Just checked my jar of it (organic "virgin" unrefined) now and saw that it's labeled "for medium-high heat cooking". Have successfully used it for charcoal grilling and pan searing. I even use it to season my cast iron pans. For higher heat, or if there's some concern you might think about trying organic refined coconut oil, it just seems to have fewer benefits than the unrefined variety... at least from what I've seen.
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    In all honesty nearly all fats are unsuitable for high temperatures. Saturated fats can be exposed to temperatures up to 190'C before it becomes oxidized and rancid. This is extremely bad for your health. Poly and Mono fats are even lower, 60'C and 160'C respectively.

    The thing about coconut oil is that, there is no evidence that it's actually worthy of the hype. I would be inclined to say that it isn't to be honest, there is is NO nutritional value in coconut oil, zero, nicht niada NOTHING! Quite shocking actually. There's some evidence that for people who run on ketones or enjoy fasting it could really help with energy as the MCT's are effectively used for energy.

    Hope that helps lol. If you like it though, use it. Just be careful you don't fry past 190'C.

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    Hi All, I'm nearly through Strong Medicine. Loved it. Loved getting "re-aquainted" with Marty Gallagher. I followed him back in the 1990s when he was doing Wash Post chats, etc.

    Anyway, I noticed the reference to cooking with oil and how bad it can be and was pretty surprised. I came here for a bit more guidance.

    I typically cook everything with Extra Virgin OO. Haven't ventured into the coconut oil. I don't deep fry, I just sautee with it. No idea how hot it's getting. Definitely not hot enough to smoke. Is this heat still nasty?

    What do we cook with if all fats get gnarly at high temps?

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    I've had great results with coconut oil, it over the past several years for most cooking task as well as for my hairs, for my any type of skin problems. Coconut oil is very good to use. Its results is also to good.

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