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Thread: Does eating red meat cause cancer?

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    You may not be a research scientist, but you can Google "New York Times Sugar Pays Harvard".
    What pops up is a bunch of stories, not just printed by the NYT, but others as well of how in the 1960's the sugar industry paid three Harvard researchers $50k to publish "research" blaming saturated fat and cholesterol for heart disease and saying sugar played no part in it. Totally false research, yet it shaped the dietary habits of the world for the next 50 years. Has that been a good time?

    Cholesterol is produced by the body. It is used by the brain, the blood, and also the gonads to produce testosterone. Studies have shown that the cholesterol we eat has no bearing on the cholesterol levels in our blood. Even the US RDA has finally dropped cholesterol intake as a measurable.

    I was only half serious about banning sugar. Will never happen. Sugar is addictive, as is cheese. I am a cheesaholic but have been able to stay off it for a few months. People have the right to make choices about what they put in their bodies. But it is very difficult to make the right decisions. Marketing, restaurants, groceries, and budget all play into how we decide what to eat. If you ask your doctor, he will probably regurgitate the same low fat diet he learned about in medical school.
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