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    As a non smoker if I went into a bar or restaurant where smoking was not banned I would not complain. I would not even get angry. I chose to go there. If however, I went into an establishment where smoking was banned and I saw someone lighting up that would bother me alot. I might even get angry. Its about respect and how you treat other people. If I were a smoker and were invited into someones house I would not even ask if I could smoke. I would not smoke. That makes sense to me. Respect is what its about. If I were a smoker and a child ( or anybody) lived in next door apartment who had breathing problems I would not smoke. I would not be an a-hole about this because respecting others is foundational. Now, many who rally round the anti-smoking movement, and those who are "soldiers for the cause" do you actually think they would object if Fidel Castro blew cigar smoke into their faces? How about Che Guevara? - those who wear the Che Guevara t-shirt would cherish that smoke. Such sychophantic hipocracy...Dennis

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    This thread started off sounding like an advert selling something hahaha
    but i smoke cigarettes between 1-2 packs per day and go gym 6 days a week if anything it effects you'r cardio which i only really weight train anyway so it is not an issue, Then pot well when you have finished at the gym there is nothing better than to chill n get high haha

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