My family has alot of fat people. Mostly they are overweight and a couple are obese. I am the only adult male member of my entire family who is under 200lbs. And they - the rest of the Fam - all want to lose weight. In a big way...hey! thats funny! "Big" way..hehe!!.. There are many reasons why fat people want to lose weight. Its always the New Years Eve resolution vow - numero uno. And as usual it ends in total failure. But there is one ongoing theme I see with all the fatties in my family. They mostly do not drink water in amounts needed for maintaining a healthy body. For them water is the drink of last resort. When all the diet cokes and other various flavored drinks are not available - then maybe they will have a sip or two of water. And hating it. I on the other hand I drink btwn 10-12 8oz cups of water everyday. This does not include all the coffee (unsugared) I also drink. My sister laments "but I hate water" as she sips on her Diet Coke - her favorite drink... "water makes me gag"..Folks - diet coke can still make you fat - by virtue of the fact that people who drink diet cokes all day long are NOT drinking water. And the water - if you drink it to the extent that you drink your diet drinks - will be your greatest asset in weight/fat loss that you ever dreamed of. I just wonder why do many fatties hate to drink water. Is there some correlation between being fat and being repulsed by a glass of water? ...Dennis