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Thread: diet AND EXCERCISE

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    Question diet AND EXCERCISE

    How many calories extra do you need to eat if you do an hour spinning and 1 hour of other cardio??

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    I don't understand the basis of your question. How many "extra calories" can only be determined if you know how many calories you start with. Also, is the goal for weight loss, weight gain, or just to improve your spinning and/or other cardio activities. The question is somewhat confusing to me. ...Dennis
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    It totally depends upon, how efficient your workout really is? We crunched the numbers to reveal the calorie-torching potential of 20 types of exercise, from walking and jogging to surfing and Spinning. Calorie burn based on a 135-lb. woman. Use calories burner calculator our to check the numbers for your own weight.
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    You could do an hour of spinning, an hour and a half of step aerobics, then go to McDonalds for a Quarter Pounder with Cheese, a large order of fries and a large Coke and it would be a wash. If you are bulking, add a bacon double cheeseburger. If cutting, go with a small fries instead of large.

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