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    Default to steve freides

    hey steve,
    i read about your eating plan. i am an athelete (college hockey player)and have am a little concerned about NHE. i can't afford to be sluggish or have no energy for my games cuz if that happens i will likely get my head taken off by a bpdycheck! your plan sounds a little more sensible and similar to NHE. i would think i would have more "go" from your plan. so basically you combine protein and fat for meals and carbs(no fat) for meals. for your protein meals is it high fat and protein (as in atkins)? oh another thing for all you hockey players, if you are on a strength training routine for hockey, you need to get of it and get PTP. all my teammates do the "team assigned" workout. i said screw it and started PTP and it has been awesome. i am holding the puck longer (because i am not being knocked of ass easily) skating faster. pavel should move to elite sports teams for sure! thanks boys

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    I'm happy with my "plan," but I have to say in the same breath that NHE's theory is that you should be able to derive all the energy you need from that diet. I haven't tried it, I feel no need to try it, and I have no plans to try it, so I can't comment on it further. I've got lots of "go" from how I'm eating now, I'm dropping fat and getting stronger at the same time.

    The things I took away from Rob's book that caused me to change to my then-current eating habits are first that eating can affect your hormones which in turn affect how you feel, and that mixing carbs and fats/proteins is to be avoided when possible.

    I'll tell give you some typical meals and that'll give you an idea of what I've been doing better than me trying to explain it any more.

    Breakfast: 1. 1-1/2 servings of oatmeal with bananas raisins, maple syrup, and a little 2% milk, usually with 24 oz. of half orange juice and half water. 2. PB&J or PB&banana on white bread with orange juice, water, and Endurox R4.

    Lunch: 1. Tofu hot dogs, 2 on one roll to reduce the carbs. 2. Tofu cold cuts on white bread with mayonaisse.

    Snack: varies, sometimes I'm out and have to take what I can get, e.g., pizza. Favorite is bagel and cream cheese with orange juice and water. Only a little cream cheese, basically a high carb snack. Other times, if I'm home, a high protein snack.

    Dinner: High protein, usually fish of some sort, e.g. tuna or salmon burgers (bought frozen) on half a hamburger roll each with lots of mayonaisse. Water to drink.

    Snack: Late night, sometimes high protein, e.g., a 1 lb. container of low fat cottage cheese with pineapple, sometimes dessert, e.g., cake or cookies and a glass of milk, or an ice cream sundae.

    Ketosis, which Rob encourages in NHE, isn't a state I get even vaguely close to, but the overall reduction of carbohydrates in my diet, combined with some thought-through food choices to minimize the sleepy feeling you get when your hormones get out of balance - the whole business has been working out just great for me. Compared to the NHE plan, mine is simply a hormonally-aware, hopefully hormonally-intelligent, but otherwise unremarkable way of eating.

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