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Thread: NHE concerns

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    Mike is offline Member
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    Default NHE concerns

    I am finding myself eating very little fruit on the NHE diet - do any of you guys eat much fruit?

    Should I be staying away from mayo - I seem to have quite a bit of that too.

    I keep my carbs very low but probably don't eat enough - how important is the regular meals?

    Do you guys ever fancy protein and carbs together? - Indian, kebabs chip butties, eggs on toast etc etc

    Do you guys just eat what you fancy when you have a carb load day - god it is hard to keep the fat that low!

    Anyone into peanutbutter?

    By the way just joined an olympic weightlifting club - those guys are awesome.

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    JohnB is offline Senior Member
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    Default Re: NHE concerns

    I eat little fruit - but I never did eat much fruit. I do eat more fibrous veggies (broccoli, cauli, asparagus, etc.) than preNHE. NHE does allow enough fruit...up to 60 carbs per day amounts to 2-4 servings, plus some veggies. As to mayo, enjoy it for 6-12 months, then check your cholesterol/HDL/LDL.

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    Andy2 is offline Senior Member
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    Default Re: NHE concerns

    How much fruit did you eat before the diet? As with any other food there's better fruit than others, there's a list in the book of high water and fiber content fruit (that you can eat more of) than low fiber/water ones. Some fruits are naturally high in sugar but you have to think also that most fruit and vegetables give you so little calories to begin with because most of the calories in them are burned up during the digestion of them. If you get Mayo that's soybean oil and egg mostly- it probably doesn't even have 1 carb/serving but if you get the stuff that says 'partially hydrogenated' blah blah blah and suger, I wouldn't even eat any of it. How Important is the regular meals? If you mean the carb ones- in the grand scheme of things it's the least important thing. They have to occur but you can play with the timing and play with what you eat during them. If you are a bodybuilder or are trying to lose fat VERY fast for some reason- the carb loads should be by the book. If you are just interested in the anti aging aspects and all that (which is more important to me) or are pretty close to where you want to be in terms of %fat, what does it matter what's in the carb loads as long as you send insulin up enough to trigger the hormones to do their thing? The only way I've found to carb load and have it taste good is to either do it with fruit or go to a Chinese restaraunt and get a low fat vegetarian dish. It sounds to me like you don't like eating low fat even once a week, join the club. If you're worried about sugar or fat during the carb loads screwing everything up- "pay" for it by doing something to deplete your sugar the day after you carb load. Bodybuilders don't want to do this because they're better off being perfect with the diet and resting on off days. I don't want you to think I'm saying it's ok to eat whatever you want during your carb load but unless you start looking forward to them and liking them, you are going to quit. Learning how to make low carb bread and pancakes and things like that helps.

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    cleaner0464 is offline Senior Member
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    Default Re: NHE concerns

    I think you should probably make a choice as to what is more important to you; your long term health or your cosmetic apperance. Depriving yourself of the many nutrients and enzymes present in fresh fruits can have a very negative effect on your body. There's a book called Raw! that details some of those problems(you can look at it I've always been of the opinion that you train and eat to be healthy; the flashy muscles and the great strength are just side effects!

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    Ricky Netcop is offline Senior Member
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    Default Some things to keep in mind

    I don't know how familiar any of you are with bodybuilding in terms of pre-contest dieting, but NHE, in a nutshell, is pretty much what bodybuilders do the final week before a contest. They'd spend 3 days depleting carbs almost exactly as NHE, with about 50g carbs per day, and NO FAT. Then, a day or 2 before the show, they'd load up on carbs. The depletion flushed out excess bodyfat and water weight. The carbs would fill the muscle with water again, and give the body a full, complete look. Timing is critical, and even on the day of the show, water can only be sipped. Never having competed, I can't imagine going through that. However, doing it long term is easy, and what we now know, water is super critical, more than we ever thought.

    I'm almost done reading NHE. What I thought was Atkins is more the Anabolic Diet, with a few tweaks here & there. I think it's safer than Atkins, in that it doesn't allow the body to go into ketosis (except for the 7 day induction). As for eating carbs, remember, fibrous fruits and veggies have fiber as part of the carb content. You don't count the fiber, so you can actually have MORE of that item than you think. Plus fiber is good for you.

    I find counting carbs easy. Having done the ZONE, counting food blocks has made it very easy -- 9g per block. So, if I have 4 blocks, that 36g. If 60 is my max, then I still have 24g to go -- I can get that in an apple, pear, or a couple of plums, even 3/4 cup all-natural applesauce. It's easier than people think. We always complicate things, anyway.


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