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    Default "Net carbs" and Ellis

    While it has been working, I am getting tired of the foods I've been eating, especially for breakfast, while following the Ellis low-carb plan. I looked on the Atkin's site for products, but noticed that they talk a lot about "net carbs." For example, a breakfast bar may have 22g of carbs listed, but it is listed as only 2g "net carbs." Is "net carbs" an accurate number to use when counting carbs on the Ellis plan or is it more of an Atkins marketing ploy?


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    Default What are you eating?

    My breakfast usually is pretty standard. Eggs, eggs, eggs . . sometimes cottage cheese . . . sometimes last nights "meat" whatever that was . . .

    I don't care about lunch . . i eat leftover or sometimes just a few almonds . .

    Dinner - I vary the type of meat and the way its prepared. (beef, chicken, some pork, some fish)

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    Default Re: "Net carbs" and Ellis

    "Net Carbs" are carbs that are remaining after deducting the amount of fiber, sugar alcohols, glycerin, from the total carb count. Since these carbs aren't broken down for energy in the body, they don't apply to the total carb amount. For example, a Carb Solutions Bar has 15gms of carbs, but the glycerin count is 12 grams, and sweetened with sucralose. Therefore, subtract the 12 from 15 and your "net carbs" are only 3 grams.

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    Default Re: What are you eating?

    Yes, I've had eggs for weeks on end, but I had cottage cheese this morning. I'm fine on lunch -- usually salad, nuts, tuna fish, cottage cheese, etc. I'm fine on dinner too -- chicken, fish, meat, with salad and / or veggies.

    It's really just breakfast that I'm bored with and I was thinking of making some of the Atkin's muffins or trying a bfast bar for something different ... but then I saw the "net carbs" listing and it made me a little suspicious.

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    Default Stick to real food...

    In my opinion a low carb diet should be "real" low carb food. Not processed atkins shit. If you start indulging in all the atkins crap, you wont be much better off than those who follow SAD(Standard American Diet). Go and buy some low carb cookbooks. Or check out: - while a lot of recipes may not be "low carb" perse, they are Paleo and therefore, most likely, will be quite low in carbs.


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    Default I hope this is okay to post, but this is what Dr. Ellis sent me when I asked

    My question: "What is the story on net-carbs?"

    Impact Carbs: The Current Day Rip-off Artists Hard at Work to Confuse You Even More

    This is a fascinating story. Today the diet wars have turned into Carbs vs. Fats or Carbs vs. Calories. It’s really Atkins vs. the low-fat medical establishment.

    Each group has added new buzz words to the argument, further confusing an already confused population. What are they? For the low-fat group it’s healthy fats vs. unhealthy fats. This is the evil saturated, animal fat vs. the good fats like olive oils, canola oil, etc. stance. This idea is strongly championed by the Harvard epidemiologist Walter Willet, who hides behind the greatest scam in medicine. This scam is that fat and cholesterol cause heart disease.

    It’s not my task in this piece to expose and settle that controversy. Just go to your favorite search engine and type in “cholesterol myths” and you’ll get enough to keep you busy for a lifetime.

    My intent is to deflower the low-carb supporter’s argument over impact carbs (IC) and non-impact carbs (NIC).

    What's happened is that as Atkins aged, before his death, new blood came in the door to turn Atkins into a multi-million dollar food empire.

    Since I quit following what was going on out there I missed the twists and turns and deceit and lies all these people were conjuring up to fit their round peg into a square hole.

    I knew the FDA controlled labeling but I had no idea of the extent to which these demons would go to get around the laws.

    The basis of the Atkins (and other makers of low-carb foods and food bars) argument is that it is all about insulin. This, as you now know, is not true. It’s the glucose that does it with insulin potentiating that effect.

    Further, refined carbs are bad and unrefined are not. Now, I don't know which book you have but UDS Lite does not have the glycemic index details in it. The notion is that refined carbs digest quickly and increase glucose and insulin. As I show in UDS big, this is simply not true as the glycemic index (a measure of the rise in blood glucose) for refined foods and their non-refined counterpart are exactly the same.

    The new boys at Atkins don't like his act about meat, meat, meat etc. and are actually trying to become pc and middle of the road, even stating that a vegetarian can do Atkins. They pretty much put Atkins out to pasture.

    Now, you can take the fiber grams out but this other stuff is all nonsense. They argue that since (they say, but not true) that glucose and insulin don't rise then it is a good carb.

    But glucose doesn't have to rise to be present and it is the presence that we want to minimize.

    So what they do now is give the label its due and then apply their own seal listing those carbs that they say count and neglecting the rest. Further, and far more important to our cause, they also then ignore the calories in those so-called good carbs too.

    This is going to turn real ugly and the confusion will just grow and grow and the forces dawdle back and forth trying to get their hands into the wallet of the consumer. The Atkins boys did $100 mil in food sales last year and project $200 mil this year.

    So, as unknowing as Atkins was, his new team knows far less. And if you have UDS big, then you know from the epilogue what I think of Bill Philips, one of the top scam artists of our time.

    So, I went to press without this and only became aware of it recently and did my due diligence to get a handle on it. I might have to post this new scam on my website.

    That should bring you up to game time. Take care.

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    Default Com. ScottV - good stuff, thanks. N/M

    Com. ScottV - good stuff, thanks.

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    Default for anyone with big UDS book...............

    UDS lite is on my x-mas list but I'm very curious about that statement about Bill Phillips.
    anyone know what it pertains to?

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