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    Default If your struggling with low carb, my experience. Long

    I have been trying to follow a low carb diet for quite a while with mixed success. To start with things went well as I cut out as much carbs as I could. I steadily got rid of the carb based food and ate more meat, eggs, cheese, fish etc. After a while I found that I started to crave the carbs more and more untill I eventually would 'break' and have a binge on all types of carbs including lots of sugary stuff. The goal for my doing the low carb was to burn off the 10lbs or so of excess fat I have. What I found was the lower in carbs I went the more I would crave the carbs and the more frequently I would end up binging and then convincing myself it was OK and similar to the Anabloic diet with a carb loading phase. The problem was that I would loose several pounds of weight (probably mix of fat and water) and then when I would binge and it would all be put back again. Also the more I binged the more I wanted to binge as the 'oh so tasty' carb foods would be constantly on my mind with me always thinking of the end of the week when I could eat them. What I recently have done though, due to the posts on the Paelio Diet (and subsequent research on the paelio and Zone diets inspired also) is to eat no carbs except to add lots (5-8 portions) of fruit and veg everyday. The result is fantastic!
    I now can eat like this every day and have not had the urge to binge in three weeks when I would normally only last at most a week. I FEEL loads better and healthier with more energy and a positive mindset. I have also lost four pounds in the first week without any feelings of fatigue and the weight keeps coming off revealing a six pack stomach I have 'Janderised' and good overall muscle development and definition with Pavel and Combat Conditioning style training. I have done this within a Warrior Diet framework as well, may'be this has had an effect but I suspect adding the 'quality' carbs as I call it will work with regualar feeding as well.
    I don't know what diets you fellow comrades are following (specifically) but if any of you are in a similar place to where I was struggling with low carb yo yoing back and forth, getting strong sugar cravings (and I remember reading a few posts saying this is so, which is why I'm writing this) please add lots of fruit and veg to your low carb base and see how you feel and what results you get as like i've said its really working for me and theres quite a few diets that suggest similar experiences i.e. Paelio, Zone and I'm not certain but I suspect, the Matt Furey diet is based on this also and regardless of what science says different (and I'm a sports science student!), results are, in my opinion of course, what matters!(and an indication of reality and whether the science your basing what you do is sound or not) Any responses of similar expereinces would be great.

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    Default My experience is somewhat different...

    in that I've never been one to crave sweets that much anyway (well, twizzlers aren't really sweets, you know). Since I returned to low-carb several years ago (practiced it in the 70's somewhat due to chance, activities, environment - never gave it much thought then), I don't find myself craving much in the way of carbs.

    This time around I follow Lutz's suggested 70 grams/day, and find that sufficient for treating myself with extra oatmeal or whatever. Ellis' 13 to 25% suggestion is more lenient, but I haven't found it all that necessary to go that high, in terms of avoiding binges.

    Since I work mostly from home, I also eat 5 or 6 times a day, since I use them as "breaks".

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    Default No similar experience, just wanted to say 'Congrats!' on finding what works for you!!

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    Default Very similar...

    I have been following the paleo diet with warrior timing for some time now. It continues to produce excellent results. My energy is sky high, health is excellent, and performance keeps moving upward. I hardly ever get cravings. The only thing I ever crave is cheese and if that happens I give into the craving and move on. It's great that you have found something that works for you.


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    Default Agree

    I think it depends how efficiently you burn fat for energy. The longer someone is low carbing the more efficient fat oxidizer he is.
    When I go 0 carbs for a few days I get low energy, irritated, etc.
    But when I around 20-30 gr of carbs a day I can go on without any carb cravings.
    So everybody has to find the level of carbs he's comfortable with and then try to lower it gradually.

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    Default Sounds about right-

    You have gone off of a low carb diet( fruit especially has lots of carbs) and are now eating lots of healthy carbs. You are on.... god forbid.... a BALLANCED DIET. Low carb eating is really hard on most people. And now you feel more normal(as well you should).

    In my personal experience the most effective diets are centered around meats fruits and vegies.


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