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    Quote Originally Posted by Rob Lawrence View Post
    Lemon, could you write a 1-2 paragraph precis? Would appreciate n/m
    can I take a shot, Rob/Lemon mate?

    1. Carbs make us fat.

    2. In nature, humans got to get fat before winter, to stop starving.

    3. Late summer comes before winter, and is when most fruiting happens.

    4. Days are longest during late summer.

    5. as a result, humans are hard-wired to crave carbs when the days are longest; long, light days tell our brains that winter is round the corner, so we need to get fat and eat lots of carbs.

    6. Modern artificial light mimicks late summer. We are now all in the grip of "endless summer syndrome", which is why we all seem to be carb addicts.

    7. Turn out the lights and your cravings will slow down accordingly, coz your brain won't think it's fruiting season.

    Come on. you got to admit its kind of an intriguing idea?!

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    I dunno, fellows, this seems a bit daft.

    It seems predicated on the fact that we humans do not have any higher faculties and that we are prey to our instincts.

    I mean, we are hard-wired to chase every bird in a skirt, and yet most of us find a way to resist becoming serial rapists.

    So, even if we are hard-wired to pad our midsections with carbs for the upcoming winter, why not just say "no"?

    My vote is that this book is too clever by half.

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    Why are we resurrecting a thread from 2004 instead of starting a new one?

    I've read this book - makes a fine read, says me, gives some points worth thinking about and, even if you don't agree with it all, coming away with a few points worth thinking about is plenty.

    KBNJ.COM - Steve Freides, RKC II

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    Quote Originally Posted by Semonides View Post
    So, even if we are hard-wired to pad our midsections with carbs for the upcoming winter, why not just say "no"?
    Why not indeed?

    Maybe because will power is a skill that needs to be developed just like any other. If that wasn't true none of us would be at an unhealthy weight, we would all be eating well, exercising frequently, and wouldn't do all the stupid foolish things we do. It also takes awareness that something we may be doing is less than optimal, a desire to change that, and the will to make it happen.

    Those that have well developed will power frequently don't understand the majority that don't. It takes work to improve oneself, and just saying "no" is not as easy as just saying "no".

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    Default Use the Sea Turtle Lights for better recovery

    Rob, it sounds like your interest is sleep and recovery.

    With 'Lights Out' we've learned the idea that maybe 'sleep' isn't the key, so much, as the melatonin and other natural processes triggered by the darkness.

    But how to have darkness 12 hours a day? in modern lifestyles?

    This Hank Roberts guy talks about the use of amber lights -- the 'sea turtle' lights, the same lights that are used to prevent sea turtles from swimming onto shores. (as mentioned in Lights Out -- a narrow spectrum of blue light doesn't inhibit melatonin and such) How he installed these amber lights to light his home in the evening. Yes, his family's sleep improved dramatically -- but also other measures of health improved as well.

    I think this is a big key to recovery and sleep.

    I found what's at this link fascinating in that regard -- BUT you have to read the posted replies, AND you have to cull through them. I found so many things worth it.

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