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  1. Can double KB suitcase squats 'Box' style be as effective for explosiveness as KB box


    ta guys
  2. anyone here ever attach Dumbbells to DL bar to increase weight? if so how?

    i want to up the load on my bar but its maxed out now and i dont have any big plates to put on it

    so i thought attach a few 10 or 20kg DBs

    can it be done?

    how is it done?

    ta guys
  3. Why would someone do Sumo DL over conventional? benefits?

    just wondering why someone would choose sumo over conventional?


  4. opinions of stout (black) beer? good antioxidants? nmnm

  5. Is the BTB deadlift as effective/safe as the trap bar DL? or a good sub?


    id like to do trap bar DLs

    but cant get to a trap bar

    so would the behind the back DL be a good sub?

    is it basically the same????
  6. Pavel? with BBs 'Is traditional power cycling obsolete?'....

    could you sub the Squat with the DL?

    how would you do the second set with pauses?

    i like the idea of doing 2 sets times 5 once a week for 16 weeks.

    what do you think?

  7. Are trap bar DLs better than reg DLs for tall athletes re

    safety and back strain????
  8. Replies

    Bad DL form???? see youtube.....

    hey guys

    just wondering if you think my back is too rounded

    ive been doing it like this for 155kg 1RM at 90kg.

    thanks for any input.....
  9. Thanks Blarg! good call(s)!

    appreciate your extensive feedback mate

    ill do some more 32 work methinks

    ta muchly

  10. Pressed 2 pood plus 8kg!! at 90kg BW see vid here and...a.

    if you could could you critique my form?

    is there too much cheating here?

    ive been doing OAPUs a bit and joes beast press article helped too.

    thanks for reading coms

  11. Anyone had twitch sensation in butt when heavy DLing? painful...

    did 130 kg then 140kg

    then played some pickup basketball

    then got pain in top of glute but after a few minutes it seemed to go away as
    i kept on playing maybe due to blood flowing.

  12. 100lb DL increase in 6 months????? would it work?


    want to go for a real simple programme

    My DL max now is approx 140 to 145kg.

    i want to get it to 180 or 190kg in 6 months.

    My idea is to:
  13. Replies

    Simon how did you make your pullup bar? and...

    what programme did you use to get to 25 10kg pullups?

    Also when you douse how long for? with a bucket?

    do you find dousing effects your stretching or ROM afterwards?????


  14. How influential is a big Deadlift in increasing one's vertical leap? would a 2BW lift

    if you already play your sport say basketbal or volleyball ?
  15. would this type of pistol help your 1RM squat if done regularly Steve?nmnmnm

  16. Pressed the bulldog for first time tonight! just had to share nmnmn

  17. Jons Mahler inspired explosive WO with some innovative ideas maybe?


    tonight did all focusing on speed/explosiveness:

    a. double swings; 2 times 30kg
    b. double snatch DEAD; 2 reps too
    c. one leg 2 DB high pull at 20kg; 2 reps
    d. one legged door pistols...
  18. Would 40kg DB or KB snatch be harder or would they be about the same...

    in terms of muscles recruited; effort?

  19. 2 weeks SQ and 2 w. DL per month PTP. Good Idea? what do you think? com Pavel think i

    Hi with PTP

    instead of doing DL 5 times per week.

    could i do it for 2 weeks DL then do the same programme but with just

    heavy box squats?????

    good idea?????
  20. Are squats or deads safer? which would be better fo vertical leap or sports specific

    i know that with deads you can just drop it

    but if you have a power rack with squats i suppose they compare well with deads.

    what do you think?

  21. Amazing Squat! 265kg at 90kg!!!!! Deep; no power rack

    check out how deep he goes with 265kg on him!

    at 90kg!

    ye gods and i thought i needed to buy a power cage!
  22. could iso pistols on a door compare to heavy sub 5 rep back squats with a BB?

    i cant get excess to a power rack

    but want to do once weekly 4 sets times 5 reps squat for strength with an eye to get eventually to a 2BW squat; (im 90kg)

    to get equivalent strength
    ive been...
  23. New JM exercises i found..... see sample clip on this link
  24. Are 10 min pistols that Maxwell does or Asimovs the best rehab for an unstable, stiff

    im doing pole assisted pistols at the moment

    very smooth for my right but stiff and cruchy for my right, leading to inflammation.

    will this pain eventually disappear as my strength increases...
  25. anti deadlift article. do you guys agree with what hes saying?
  26. Are 'single' or one handed 2 Pood KB box squats possible or safe?

    where would you place it if you could do them


  27. Anyone here got a decent vert leap? say 30 plus? did KBs help here?

  28. Mix one 24kg DB with one 24kg KB, good idea or imbalance? Mike M, Pavel, Steve M or C

    im thinking of getting a 24kg KB

    and can only afford one

    but have a 22kg approx DB

    want to do mahler type explosive stuff and Mahler strength and size type stuff.

    BTW mike is 24kg times...
  29. Whats POSE running all about? any good for court sports? anyone do it?

  30. Replies

    im doing them right now ...

    feel good up to about 40 straight.

    been doing ham stretches ; isos; looking at ART massage perhaps.

    what condition do you have exactly?

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