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  1. Cycling Bodyweight Exercises: How to get the correct numbers?

    Quick Questions

    If Im doing a 4 week cycling program and I have bodyweight exercises like weighted pull ups or weighted dips.

    Im going off my 5RM of Weighted Dips say 95 pounds. I weigh 210...
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    Update I did my 1st workout of 1x5 (4...


    I did my 1st workout of 1x5 (4 progressive warm up sets) It looked like this

    BB Squats

    Set 1 - 150
    Set 2 - 170
    Set 3 - 195
    Set 4 - 220
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    Im doing a MWF schedule. Mon - BB Squats,...

    Im doing a MWF schedule.

    Mon - BB Squats, Weighted Pull Ups, Weighted Dips
    Wed - KB C&P, Close Grip Bench, Weighed Chins
    Fri - BB Deadlifts, BB Military Press, DB Rows (Knee on Bench)

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    5x5: The intensity is too much...

    When I started strength training back in 2007 lets just say I was intimidated by the 16 kg. I was your typical bodybuilder very strong on the leg press and hammer curls. I started with the tried...
  5. Understood...I figured the KB Clean & Press and...

    Understood...I figured the KB Clean & Press and KB Snatches are full body movements working both pushing & pulling.

    Then the deads and power (hang) cleans would also take care of my back (or...
  6. 5x5: How does this new program look to you?

    It will be every other day. Once I go through each workout 3 times ill take a backoff week. So id be at about 3.5 weeks of training and then a backoff week. I started sampling it and Im getting...
  7. I wouldnt be able to go heavy get ups anyhow...

    I wouldnt be able to go heavy get ups anyhow after heavy pressing. Like I was saying I could barely do 5x5 with the 16kg after my heavy pressing.

    Very interesting though of doing them as a...
  8. How to Integrate the Turkish Get Up into my weekly workout? Opinions?

    Currently my program looks like this with the Get Ups. Im doing 5x5 on everything except my swings where Im doing 5x20+.

    Barbell Squats
    Weighted Pullups
    Dumbbell Arnold Press...
  9. I swing the bulldog. Ive been doing 1 arm swings...

    I swing the bulldog. Ive been doing 1 arm swings for awhile so that makes them tougher but Im going to switch to 2 arm swings to correct any flaws in my training. So youre probably right that two...
  10. How does this new workout look? Keeping it basic but very effective.

    Ive been making some great progress with my kettlebell training but want to go back to the basics. I designed this program where Id be doing the whole program 5x5 (except KB swings). How does it...
  11. Looking to add a cardio kettlebell day...

    I train full body 3 times a week intense. I combine everything. Bodyweight weights and kettlebells.

    I want to add a Sat workout mainly for cardio purposes. I wouldnt want to do...
  12. Becoming a personal trainer for kettlebells....

    What are the steps I need to take to become certified on training people with kettlebells. I wanted to do something on a part time basis over the weekend.

    Any info would be great. Do I have to...
  13. Pavel trains Patriots Heath Evans in Florida

    crap Im a Jets fan so thats not good
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    which exercises first, push or pull?

    which ever youre weakest at is what I would do first. Im assuming you can do more weight with dips than with pull ups so I would do pull ups first.
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    Amazing Results in 1 year...

    Back in May of 07 I was 197 with 15% BF. Right now I stand at 194 with 10% BF. Im 5'10. Im almost 35.

    When my 32 pounder came in the mail in may 07' I was intimated by it. Crazy but true I was...
  16. Depending on your sport pursuit...

    wow lots of great feedback hear. Im definitly strongest in my pressing so putting pressing last makes sense. Im going to flip flop deads and pullups and see which works better.

    Great Job gurus...
  17. Which exercise 1st: Weighted Pull Ups or Deadlifts?

    On Friday I usually do:

    Weighted Pull Ups
    Military Press

    Which do you gurus recommend doing first...deadlifts 1st or pull ups 1st?

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    Hey Pavel, saw you on TV!

    what if he was muslim OR jewish?
  19. Choose One: Weighted Dips OR Bench Press

    If you had to choose one for muscle buidling and some strength which would you choose Weighted Dips or Bench Press?

    Not looking to enter any bench press competitions.


  20. It Depends/Test yourself

    like my friend says just pick a pull (exercise) and pick a press (exercise) and get to work...sometimes we complicate things with our advanced minds...thanks for the feedback.
  21. Is individual rotator cuff work necessary?

    Question for the gurus here. Do you guys work the rotator cuffs individually? Or do you depend on Pull-Ups, Deadlifts, Rows, Swings and/or Snatches to take care of that rear work?

    When I was...
  22. Unbelievable Progess for Lightweigt, 63 year old

    I just visited my brother in laws dad in the hospital who is 70 and has all sorts of health problems. Guess it didnt help he held a weight close to 300 the past 10 years and never exercised a day in...
  23. Josh Barnett lift numbers, strength training, value of bodybuilding, more (long)

    "For example, the rotator cuff muscles. Bodybuilders spend time working these muscles to give their shoulders the perfect symmetry and shape but because they are a small muscle group, exercises like...
  24. 2 Day Split: Which is the best one to promote recovery?

    makes sense since Ive been doing full body 3 times a week since last summer and finally my shoulders are starting to bark. I never backed down from the load or volume. Amazing I made it this far. ...
  25. 2 Day Split: Which is the best one to promote recovery?

    If you gurus were to use a 2 Day Split which one would you choose to promote recovery especially in the shoulders and lower back.

    A.) Push - Pull

    B.) Upper - Lower

    C.) Chest, Back, Shoulders...
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    Beyond Bodybuilding Just Arrived!

    After reading BBB I removed Bent Over Rows from my program. My lower back feels fresher when I have to Squat or DL. Great Book!!
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    Gaining Body Weight....

    thats good info...thanks JT
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    Gaining Body Weight....

    Ive been training real hard and I went from 201 @ 15% BF to 191 @ 10% BF. Now my goal is to get back up to the 200 pound range and keep the same amount of BF.

    Im eating around 2200 - 2400...
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    iowa wrestling strength training video

    WOW...I feel really good about my form after watching that video. I pray that kids dont watch that and pick up some horrible habits.
  30. Deadlifting and Squatting in the same week...

    I kettlebell train on Mondays doing a push/pull like clean & press and swings.

    Then i barbell squat on wednesday doing 4x8

    Then i deadlift on friday doing 4x5

    Should I cycle my deadlifts...
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