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  1. Overzealous = Overtraining = Poor immune system N/M

  2. The low intensity experts say "yes" - but...

    they admit that it takes a lot longer to achieve your goal than if you were taining "hard". You can't train real hard on consecutive days unless you're a serious recuperative mutant. You'll...
  3. Re: Correct me if I am wrong but didn't Pavel....long

    I believe Pavel likes the fact that a lot of tension is generated with Super Slow - PTP principles also have you moving slow because you're tensing your muscles throughout the movement. However,...
  4. I may be all wrong but...

    I thought that the greater the training intensity, the greater you tap your nervous system - the amount of weight really doesn't make that much of a difference. Although keeping the reps low and two...
  5. I think I remember him stating more muscle = a faster metabolism is a myth

    It seems like he's a contrarian and builds his popularity by going against the grain.

    Many body builders choose low intensity aerobics so that it won't interfere with the recovery of their lifting...
  6. Re: can we revisit the all time functional physique...

    What about Marvin Hagler? Speed, Power and endurance. He could just as easily take an opponent out in the first round or go 15 rounds hardly getting fatigued. He looked in superb shape for every...
  7. No need aplologize - it was a great article and thanks for volunteering to write it .

    I think the comments made to your article are extremely trivial and they border on being absurd. I don't see how anyone can argue that being able to accelerate forward with as much speed and power...
  8. StephenT - very well put!

    Most of the article's statements that he critiqued / picked apart were "general statements" - lawyers love to do this type of critiquing. I still think the gist of the article is correct.

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    Then get with the program...

    and stop worrying about small details. Once you accomplish high volume with "very heavy weight", the rest will take care of itself. You will need to eat enough and sleep enough to be successful...
  10. Re: Andy69 or anyone else - would flex band "alone" build muscle size and strength?


    Thanks for the response.

    You made some good points - especially your point about "real life" resistance.

    Please note that I wasn't intending to use the bands for "light resistance...
  11. Andy69 or anyone else - would flex band "alone" build muscle size and strength?

    Stretch bands are very attractive compared to iron for many reasons: price, space, etc.

    I'm thinking about getting them because they would allow me to "safely and intensely" (once again)...

    I had the same problem - the spasms were so bad that I had constant pins in needles in my arms and hands.

    I think it was caused by unconsciously using my upper back when doing swings. Make sure...
  13. Excellent Article by Brett Jones - Great Job Brett - very helpful! N/M

  14. I'll yell anyways...


    As you know, KBs are brutal.

    Let the KBs rest while you rest - they'll be there when you're really feeling 100%.

    Get as much vitamin as "S" as you can.

    Take care and get well...
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    Solution from the guy who wrote "Daily Training" Article


    My approach to dropping weight "quick" would be to keep your workouts consistent but at a moderate intensity and volume. At the same time, cut your calories "way back" so that you're in a...
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    Both! N/M

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    Re: Level of Activity during "down" time

    If your body is "telling you" to take a break, then take a break. As you're well aware, sometimes a small amount of activity actually feels great and seems to help with recovery. Other times, it...
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    Attn. Steve Freides re: NSCA


    I'm also considering taking the NSCA-CPT exam since it is being given in Boston in February. Do you know what materials you're planning to use for preperation? Some of their material...
  19. Re: RKC and Combat Conditioning? Can they be done together?

    I think they go perfect together.
  20. Anyone experience slight dizzy spells after doing high rep. swings or hindu squats?

    This dizzy spells occur the day after an intense sesion of high reps of these types of exercises. I don't think I'm overtraining - I feel well rested - not even sore and I feel great right after...
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    Re: Steve - I'd love to hear about your experience w/ SS Reps. It would be an enterta

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    Some differences and some similarities

    The similarities are that Superslow and PTP both provide high muscle tension. The (big) difference between the two is that Superslow is taken to absolute muscle failure and performed only once...
  23. Re: I believe he said...

    That nothing alters (adds muscle to) your body more than high volume training.

    MM is primarily a Body Building mag.
  24. No need to explain anything - they're two totally different philisophies

    I don't think you need to explain anything to your pals - you're simply taking a different path than they are. As you're probably aware, people have reported great gains from HIT and HVT. The only...
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    Steve - Great Numbers with the 1.5 at 151lbs.

    Aren't you worried that you'll start bulking up a bit if you keep condencing your rest periods? How tall are you?

    Again - great numbers - that's what I call wiry strength.
  26. Thanks Garm - You just increased my quality of life 10 fold

    I hate to live in the past but boxing just isn't the same as it used to be. The old time fighters seemed tough as nails but also very gentlemen/sportsmanlike at the same time. Jake Lamotta stated...
  27. Boxing Fans - Hagler vs. Brisco at the Phil. Spectrum

    Believe it or not my family just got cable TV - I could never justify paying additional $$ to watch TV. Anyway ESPN Classic showed Hagler vs. Brisco at the Philly Spectrum in 1978 - almost 15,000 in...
  28. Re: coudnt put it better!

    Thanks coach - my cousin probably doesn't have a clue about things like getting the proper rest and diet to be able to take on these workouts since things have always come very easy to him. I'll...
  29. Re: I respectfully Disagree - Thanks Coach Reeve -Long

    Thanks Coach Reeve. I brought up the altar boy analogy because I thought it sounded like you were implying that kids must have blind faith in their coaches and tough it out no matter what - this can...
  30. Re: I respectfully Disagree.

    This is a tough one. I hope I'm not interpreting your post incorrectly but I dont't think it's a good idea to tough it out and blindly accept direction that you interpret to be bad - no matter what...
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