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  1. Need some advice in choosing a Martial Arts instructor

    I would like to start taking martial arts lessons I need some advice on what to look for in an instructor/institute. I live in Minnesota and am willing to travel any distance for excellent...
  2. Can the Bear Routine be used for Squats and ?????

    If Pavel's Bear Routine can be used for squats, what would the sets look like for a 5RM of 180? I have both, Pavels PTP and tape, and the way he discribes how much to reduce the weight for the next...
  3. Questions about Kettlebell Certification Workshops

    I'm thinking about registering for the June workshop and have a few questions about it. Hope someone can answer them.
    - Should you have any experience with kettlebells? If so, how much?
    - When at...
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    Re: Is there a thing as WARMUP sets?????

    So, you are saying then if it calls for 5 x 275lbs, you load the bar with 275lbs and lift it without any prepping? Is that what most of the Comrades do?
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    Is there a thing as WARMUP sets?????

    I received my PTP Friday and read it over the weekend. No where did I see anything mentioned about warmup sets. I don't understand how a person could jump right into a working set of 5RM of squats...
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    Re: Utterly Confused on Gaining Muscle Size(to Dano)

    Could you give an example of "5 low reps sets and 1-2 back off sets" for squats if ones 1RM is 160? Or atleast point me to where I can find an example. I was told only one working set was good enough...
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