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  1. Hip Flexor Development and the Hip Flexor Stretch

    I've heard (as we all have) that the over development (which I assume means development more proportional with other muscles) of the hip flexors may cause back problems at some point down the road.
  2. Re: I'll match your favor and raise you one!

    You might want to build v-style dip bars, so you can adjust your width. Either that, or figure out what width is most comfortable for you.

    Michael Falkov
  3. Re: Pavel ;how did you achieve your kb ranking?

    I'll tell you about one of the coolest kettle bell feats I've heard of. My dad grew up in Riga, Latvia he told me of a circus that use to come to town. Among some of the amazing things he told me,...
  4. Re: Indeed. And another Pavel question.

    Wow, we do have very similar goals. I like the idea of pinching 2 45's and doing a chin. What a great combination feat that would be! I have no experiance with the side press yet, but I just got...
  5. Re: Indeed.

    Lol, cool. Similar motivations in what areas? ALl the ones I mentioned? That would be strange.

    Michael Falkov
  6. Pavel: Questions regarding my specialization

    First, I'd like to restate my thanks for the wonderful classes you gave. I learned so much.

    You were telling me to pick what I want to focus on, and I chose the one arm chin record, dip progress...
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    Re: Pullups & negatives

    My last training session, I did BW + 75 lbs for 3 reps, I reached failure at the 3rd rep. I jumped up and did a negative, then another, then another. By the third negative, I was practically...
  8. Re: Who will be attending the seminar in Albuquerque NM?

    This is VERY weird Greg. I was JUST ABOUT to ask the exact same question, when I saw that it was at the top of the list!

    I will be there, as will my mom. I'm bringing my CoC grippers too for...
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    Re: Johnypullups, check out John Brookfield's column on ironmind.

    John is a beast, and probably the best bender of steel currently living, if not ever. I don't think he has any tips specific to bolt bending in his monthly tip section, but his book has plenty of...
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    Re: Hey Johnny Pullups......

    That's really good. Not many people are too strong on pull-ups. My current bests are 5 with 70lbs, or 3 with 75 lbs. I was surprised that my pull-ups didn't increase well today, as I had a great...
  11. Re: Pavel, Q on ironmind Eagle claw and COC#2

    Can't help you with the Eagle loops, as I don't have any. But what worked for me, as far as closing the #2, was high reps on the #1. When I got 24 reps on the #1, I tried the #2 and it closed...
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