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    Breath Holding

    Breath holding tables are effective so look em' up. A good thing to try is running or biking without air, i dont think biking is very safe for breath holding, because i f you pass out you wreck. ...
  2. Proof of my strength through my VIDEO :)

    How much do ya weigh? nice btw. Im also 16 and want to get a 400lb deadlift before I trun 17 which is almost 3x bw for me.
  3. need help deciding a workout for fighters

    Get Ross Enamait's book Infinite intensity. It shows how to build a routine for combat athletes. It is at He has good ideas for implementing both strrength and conditioning. BTW...
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    cycling reps insted of weight ?!

    What I did in a program was take several exercises that i did for slightly high reps (10-20) Added 5 pounds every workout(15lbs per week) and the reps dropped as the weight went up it worked quite...
  5. # of sets & reps for body weight exercises

    Put your hands on a chair and your feet on a foot stool or something lower. This way you can crank 1000's of reps. Well... not quite but it is easier. you'll probably wanna use some low weighted ...
  6. Which supplements do you Comrades take?

    EFA's(fish and flax oil), Juice Plus(nutrients from 17 fruits and veggies),chelated minerals(minerals are attached to amino acid,easier to absorb into the body), and a multivitamin. sometimes protein...
  7. Designing a Running Program for all Distances... for one person...

    i suppose im better at middle distance 400, 800
  8. XC?

    I am a sophomore. If there is XC i might do it our school is small.
  9. Designing a Running Program for all Distances... for one person...

    I run track and after track season i need to put together a program for my running. im pretty much a jack of all trades at running not especially good at 1 event. I run a 2:24 800m and a 60sec 400m....
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    Steady deadlift increases

    What type of program did you use? 180lbs in a year is insane keep it up.
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    Insane Video of strength

    thought ya'll might like this, I've never seen anything like it.
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    Calorie Burning Goals for Beginners

    another great exercise for her to do would be burpees. A great conditioning tool, kinda fun too. You could train in circuits with stuff like that. Ex. (swings, burpees, girl pushups, jumprope for...
  13. Cycling to a new 1RM + deadlift form + training many aspects at once

    I just finished a new 3RM cycle (PTTP style structured wave cycle). and I was wondering how to cycle to a new 1RM. Why is it so much harder to keep deadlift form when the weights get heavy? When I...
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    timed my 40 yard dash

    If it wasn't wet you could've shaved maybe .25 off of that. An explosive start is very important.
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    Avoiding hypertrophy like the plague

    Dude I know what you are talking about, I look tiny with my shirt on... then I take It off and look ripped thats how I like it. I avoid hypertrophy 2. just cuz I liek to be proficient in bw skilz
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    Routine Layout

    Sounds good, but ya don't use the same reps all the time singles exhaust CNS quick but make for incredible gains.
  17. Friend new to Real Conditioning = Puke

    Yesterday, I asked my friend Todd to see If he wanted to come over and work out. I said we were going to do some conditioning, I quickly put together a nice, pain inflicting circuit of exercises. We...
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    Few questions regarding the

    It'll be awile before you reach the numbers bois suggested.
    So after you've got your form down (6+cycles) Go ahead and do bear or another size training program. 20 rep squats is highly effective....
  19. decreasing running times with VO2 Max protocol? + another question

    Can you use the kettlebell VO2 max protocol for running?
    ex. Run for 1min all out, take 60% of that distance, use the 36:36sec time period
    Would this protocol be effective for 1-3mile times? How...
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    LSD vs HIIT

    LSD burns more fat during run, but Immediately after your run your metabolism goes back to normal. In HIIT The training is more intense causing the body to rely on carbs for the main energy source,...
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    PTTP w/ lower reps? + results

    Can I do this I feel that doing a cycle or two with fives then doing a cycle or two with triples and finally one with singles would be a more effective workup to a New 1RM. So far it has been a great...
  22. Russian SQ routine with a lot of help from James Hetfield and Spike....

    GO METALLICA! I always listen to Metallica in my workouts It probably makes me be able to do more weight. Can music or emotions have an influence on the amount of weight you lift???
  23. Which one gives a fighter better

    I'd say OAPU with side press a close second. That is If you are a boxer. Becuase in the OAPU you must you alot of the core muscles that help you rotate and pack that punch. Side press also activates...
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    !!!Post your recent PR's here!!!

    Bodyweight 140lbs 5' 9"
    15yrs old
    1. over 300lb deadlift
    2. Benchpress 185lbs
    3. 3 chin ups with 70lbs
    4. can move and hold in different spots in onearm chin
    5. 23pullups
    6. 2 mile run 13:00...
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    Tabata and PTP?

    Tabata is 20seconds of ALL OUT activity followed by 10secs. of rest 8 times for a total of 4min. It's highly effective. But if you do it on the bike make sure you go all out . Of course tabata...
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    how I conquered overtraining

    I do some exercises people think are weird especially during gym class everyone laughs at me. And Says i'm weak n' dumb then I say "you try it" they say no or they do it and fail. then they never...
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    Random Survey

    1.I love to weightlift almost all of the time unless I'm really tired. My sessions get me pumped. Then i wanna do more but I must stick to my regimen...

    2.Before I do conditioning I completely...
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    Fighter pullup program + PTTP

    I was wondering if I could do this? I am in a PTTP cycle using deadlift, weighted chin, and bench. Is this too much lat work? My lats can probably handle more volume than the rest of my body since...
  29. time it took to reach double bodyweight deadlift

    I never worked my legs before the first time I tried deadlifting i did 2times bodyweight I probably had bad form. I did do carryover exercises like pullups and barbell rows though.
    -It will come...
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    Inconsistent goals?

    I am training for the one arm chinup right now and i can do A chinup with morethan half my bodyweight. Before I started training for this I could do about 18 chins now 20 isn't that hard. I do a some...
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