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    Happy Thanksgiving to all....

    and lets take a moment to all those serving in the armed forces...especially those who have made the ultimate sacrafice so that we may live free.
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    I can swing one....

    Actually a 145. Can clean a 95 for sets of 3.
  3. Thread: Patcnj...

    by PatCNJ


    I no longer work at Elmwood Park Athletic Club as a personal trainer. Moving in another direction. Will be giving kettlebell seminars this year.
  4. They are called CardioBells ...

    avaiable from Max Kettlebells.
  5. AAU Drug Free Bench/Deadlift October 7th...

    To be held at Sports University; 22 Madison Road, Fairfield, NJ

    For more information or entry blanks, contact Joe Carini at 973-808-1717.


    Eamil Pat Cuntrera at
  6. AAU Powerlifting Drug-Free Bench/Deadlift June 17th

    To be held at Sports University, 22 Madison Rd., Fairfield, NJ

    AAU membership card required. AAU powerlifting rules apply.

    For more information or entry form call Sports University at...
  7. I run a kettlebell club for beginners and train learning disabled people......

    Not to mention the adults with extreme dificulties. If we don't train to make a difference, then why do we do this at all.

    We should be more concerned with helping others than with personal...
  8. Thread: Nsca

    by PatCNJ


    Your best bet. Your talking about the primary certification for high school, college and pro S&C people. Read 'Essentials of Strength and Conditioning' will give you an idea of the knowlege...
  9. Tiki does use kettlebells..he has a few of mine....

    Or should I say Joe Carini of Sports University. I have been using kettlebells going bakc to his time at 'Basic Fitness'. I have also been on his powerlifting team (not just NJ champs but Drug...
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    Sorry, meant senior RKCs.........

    I'm interested in the curriculum for this course and what would be covered.
  11. Are there any competitive lifters as RKC's? n/m

    Am just about ready to pass the RKC snatch test. Am interested in learning more about powerlifting and weightlifting applications.
  12. Are there any competitive lifters as RKC's? n/m

    Am just about ready to pass the RKC snatch test. Am interested in learnign more applications for powerlifting and weightlifting.
  13. Hardest training man in the NFL does train with kettlebell...he's using a couple of m

    Last August, Sports Illustrated came out with their issue dealing with the hardest training men in the NFL. Number one on the list was Tiki Barber of the NY Giants. Pictured behind him is trainer...
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    Will possibly be ready to do RKC snatch test on that day....

    May just take a token jerk just to warm up.
  15. OT...not sure if this should be on Nutrition Forum. Doctor Recommending Chelation Th

    First of all,I apologize if this is on the wrong forum.

    I've been seeing a medical weight loss / complementary medicine physician regarding weight loss. As I have said in the past, lithium and...
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    NSCA kettlebell SIG

    CEU's would be granted more readily if I was able to get the kettlebell SIG off the ground. Still need a number of emails of agreement at NSCA 'Your voice' forum. Know that all presenters at the...
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    I'm not sure I said this right..let me say it again..I already spoke to the NSCA

    The NSCA will give CEU's only if the seminar or weekend is not being used to earn another certification. If the RKC is earned, then give the RKC certificate and a certificate of attendance. The RKC...
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    Looking for trainers in North NJ....

    My name is Pat Cuntrera. I am certified by the National Strength and Conditioning Association. I live in the Passaic County area. If you would like to talk some more, I can be reached at...
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    Already have the answer from the NSCA office......

    The NSCA will accept kettlebell seminars as CEU's. The catch is that the seminar can not be used for attaining an additional certification. This is why I suggested to Pavel some time ago that all...
  20. Two seminars this weekend and some updates......

    This was a busy weekend. Two schools I gave seminars at were:

    Imaculate Heart Academy, Washington, NJ

    Bogota High School, Bogota, NJ

    As always, the ketllebell portion of the sports...
  21. Closer to the RKC snatch test...still the lungs of an 80 year old smoker

    Closest I've been to the RKC snatch test. Two sets twenty reps each arm. Sets performed with four minute rest in between. Each set done straight through, no pauses on set.

    Been making...
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    brought some one an airline one time....

    Last October, I bought a couple of smaller bells at the RKC. They were the four and eight kilo. I had a large bag to be checked in so I put them in there. The bag weighed just over 60 lb. when I...
  23. kettlebells, sports psychology, airplane pull and meeting Darrel Stoddard (Pain Free

    Time again for this semester's appearances at Montclair State University. Did the graduate sports psychology course this past Thursday. Was very well received. A few people will be passing the...
  24. Anybody looking to get rid of some kettlebells, looking for a few lighter ones..

    Things are picking up with me at the health club I work at. I have some group classes and seminars coming up and I could use a few extra kettlebells (3/4 pood and lower). Anybody in or near NJ...
  25. client may be returning to active service.....would like to give him a good send off.

    Among my clients is a gentleman that is seriously considering re-joining the army. He spent a number of years as an army ranger and is considering rejoining while he can still hold his current rank....
  26. 37/37 snatch with 1.25 pood....getting closer to RKC snatch test....

    On Saturday I decided to break my new 1.25 pood in right and attempted the RKC snatch test using it instead of the 1.5. I made 37 each arm with possibly one or two reps on each arm in reserve. ...
  27. I was away for a week....

    So I didnt see if there was a previous post. I just thought the hands were too far apart on the rack position for the clean and press. Not sure the arm was straight up on the windmill. Guess I'm...
  28. Did anybody else see the kb spread in Muscle and Fitness

    Another trainer at the club I train at asked if I saw the kb article in MF magazine. Its a rag filled with drugged up pretty boys and ads for worthless supplements but I bought it anyway. They have...
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    U.S. Kettlebells????

    I have one of their adjustable bells. Its nice that you can have one bell that replaces nine separate weights. There is also a cost consideration. The bell uses a set of solid and hollow plates so...
  30. Some progress on the Asthma and on the snatches. a little long

    Been trying the alternative approach in dealing with the athsma. The pulmonary specialist noted that even with six different medications, the symptoms did not stop. Seems he was at a loss. The...
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