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  1. For instance, physical therapists use the...

    For instance, physical therapists use the Hawkins' Test to diagnose shoulder impingment syndrome. Watch this video on YouTube, the movement demonstrated is very similar to an upright row.
  2. Are Upright Rows bad for your Shoulder?

    I've been reading online recently and I have yet to find an actual scientific study stating that upright rows as a weight lifting exercise are bad for your shoulders. The most common reason that I...
  3. The cheapest I could find were $1.50/lb on...

    The cheapest I could find were $1.50/lb on Craigslist. Not only that, but I'm considering starting some light olympic lifting, and I've read that it's much better to use bumper plates rather than...
  4. Average Price and good place to find bumper plates?

    Does anyone know of a good company or place that sells bumper plates for an affordable price? Most the places I have seen online are very expensive, usually $1.50 a pound or higher. On craigslist, I...
  5. Has anyone found good timers for the MVO2 Boost Program?

    Ignore this post. Never mind.
  6. KB exercises that aren't in the sagittal plane?

    What are some exercises with the KB that aren't in the sagittal plane?

    I know the windmill and the halos aren't, but are there any other exercises that allow you to get a lot of volume?
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    Sticky: RKC Certification Preparation, Videos by RKCs,...

    RKC Certification Preparation, Videos by RKCs, and other forum Contributions:

    If you're new to the forum, please utilize the articles. They're extremely valuable, and they may cover many questions...
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    Sticky: General Philosophy of the forum: Keep it...

    General Philosophy of the forum:

    Keep it simple. Keep in mind, I said simple, not easy.

    Traveling with a Kettlebell on an Airplane:

    There have been varied reports of people doing so. There...
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    Plyometric Workouts

    Hi everyone,

    I searched the forums, and I couldn't find anything related to pylometric workouts. I was wondering if anyone has a great plyometric workout that they would be willing to share. Or if...
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    In Soviet Russia, bus chases you!

    Wait, you were the bartender for the retiring ceremony? This must be a small world if we both went to the same ceremony.

    By any chance, was it for LT. Col. Mitchell, USMC (Ret.)? Because I was at...
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    Problem with Endurance in Swings

    I do four minutes straight of swings at 70-80% on the second ETK day, and then I try to go for about four minutes straight at 100%. I take no rests in between. I would have to say what tires me out...
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    Problem with Endurance in Swings

    Hello all,

    I am having a problem with the endurance on swings. Maybe it's because I have been training erratically, without a set schedule with ETK. But when I first started, I could do the 12...
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    Strengthening your neck


    I have searched around the internet for exercises and tools that may help strengthen the neck. However, I know that this website is a no BS website, and I wanted to get the collective...
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    ATT:Ideal Paradigm....

    Thank you very much, Simon Forsyth. I will definitely look at that website. Also, thank you for your advice in my other thread, it will certainly help me in the present and future.
  15. Help Condition/Train me to be ready for the Special Forces

    To Roman:

    Miniature BUD/S was cancelled Summer 2006, possibly Summer 2007, but I'm almost 100% confident that it was Summer 2006 due to budget cuts in the American government. I can go on a...
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    Some thoughts to consider...

    To Roman:

    I apologize for the mistake that I made. I did not think to check the terminology before I posted. Thank you for correcting me. My belief was that if I posted Special Forces, that it...
  17. Picking up on something Com. Simon said:

    To sakinney:

    I will look into "Let Every Breath", and see if it works for me in terms of breathing techniques. Thank you for enlightening me with another resource!
  18. Help Condition/Train me to be ready for the Special Forces

    To MitchSA:

    I will never, ever exchange functional strength for form. Thank you for reminding me about that.
  19. Help Condition/Train me to be ready for the Special Forces

    Hello all,

    I am currently a second year college student in a Navy ROTC program. It's an officer training program that runs for four years (all of college) before you become commissioned. I will be...
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    Bruce Lee Died at Age 32

    Are you saying that the movie was written by Linda Lee? Because in order for the movie to be firsthand, she would have had to written it. If she told the writers and the directors about the diaries,...
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    Bruce Lee Died at Age 32

    I must say, from experience, that many older sets of martial artists may dislike Bruce Lee because for his time he was very controversial. In the Asian community he was seen as sort of a rebel for...
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    RKC Minimum Program

    I feel honored to be answered by the very man who wrote the great book himself. I will be sure to study ETK more than I already have. Thank you all for your responses.
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    RKC Minimum Program

    Are there a certain amount of sets I should be doing before I progress? Or just when I feel that I can move on?
  24. If you ever questioned the benefits of kettlebells, this is for you.

    This is a great article, I'm usually a lurker around here. But this gives me all the more reason to keep working out with kettlebells (I'm new to the kettlebell scene). Great post!
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