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    Strength Event in DC Metro

    I'm not on here much. I do however try to read as much as I can/contribute to the RKC & Kettlebell/Strength community where I can.

    in that light, I would like to invite all to a unique strength...
  2. Deadlift and Kettlebell Press Strength Event in Alexandria, VA

    I am spreading the word to every fitness professional and strength enthusiast I know. My close colleagues and friends at Dynamic Solutions Fitness Cooporative and myself are teaming together to host...
  3. FREE Kettlebell Workshop in Northern VA by RKC and CSCS

    Hey all, Just a link here for those interested in practicing and sharpening kettlebell skills under RKC protocol.

    I am a HUGE fan and supporter for the things that Pavel and the RKC community...
  4. FREE Kettlebell Workshop Series in Ashburn, VA - plug with good intentions

    I simply want to make sure I can reach out to as many people as possible. If you're interested in learning more about kettlebells and the amazing results one can get from properly using them, then...
  5. Review of first RKC ReCert - New Haven CT with MRKC Dave Whitley

    I recently attended the 1-day recert to keep my RKC status current. I had a GREAT experience, like so many, at the 3-day event and learning buffet that is the RKC weekend. The creation of the 1-day...
  6. Olympic lift variations - the basis of minimal programming - NEW DVD

    Although I really like PTP and ETK program minimums, and love the programming from Kettlebell Muscle, I wanted to come up with something that focused a bit more on the complexity in training that...
  7. 4 hour Workshop for just $89 for DD Forum Readers! - Oly Weightlifting & Kettlebells

    We are just 1 week away from our big workshop in Northern VA on April 30th from 10am-2pm. We are covering a TON if 4 hours.

    This is all hands on - taken from how well the RKC and HKC teaches...
  8. The Trainer I Saw Yesterday at the Large Gym Chain

    I joined a new large gym chain yesterday. As I progressed through my training routine I noticed a trainer leading 4 men through a workout.

    I believe it was an informal group because the trainer...
  9. Program Design Workshop in Northern VA - 4/30/11

    Please see the attached link for all details.

    I have been lucky enough to have met, talked with, learned from, read, and been around some of the best...
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