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    A lurker comes out of the shadows...

    Aren't we all.
    I would recommend Steve Freides kettlebell success story and the like for inspiration.
    Everyone here can relate to you....
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    What is a body weight row?

    Is it a front lever?
    Recently Steve Maxwell wrote of one arm body weight rows and leg raises. I'm on my way to buy the supplies to make a chin up bar suggested in BradJ's newletter.
    BTW Steve, the...
  3. Jack Knives?

    I think the jack knife may have been discussed in the Naked Warrior, but I don't remember. What is it exactly?

    I am also working on the planche but I can't do the tuck yet.
    I made some push-up...
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    See T.A.P.S.

    Might I also suggest Jeff Martone's "Tactical Athlete Pull-Up System?
    I bought it and loved it. I thought he displayed some amazing feats of strength and since its a video I think some of your...
  5. Which KB resource should I buy first?

    I have read a few of Pavel's books but none on KB training spec.

    MY goal is strength. My weakness is cardio.

    I have no idea how to do a snatch but I love training for strength (esp. with body...
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