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  1. Warrior Diet: A Few Important Questions!

    Ha, he even has an article that answers my questions about ratios...

    See kids? This is why you should use the search function and go to original sources before posting questions! :-P
  2. Warrior Diet: A Few Important Questions!

    Hey all, I am considering this way of life but am frankly scared, as everything I've ever learned has taught me that undereating = muscle loss and fat gain. I know that, logically, I am still getting...
  3. HSPU progression

    Excellent, thanks.

    Will my core strenthen itself just by usage (i.e. stabilizing me) or should I do some sort of exercises to compliment that, such as supermans?
  4. HSPU progression

    Thanks alot. I imagine that the closer I get to the "real thing", the faster my body will adapt. Hence, handstand partials/negatives will help me more than elevated pushups, if only because I"m...
  5. Need Help with Gymnastic Style Exercise!!!!

    Hey all,

    I'm very interested in these forms of exercise; however, I have a few questions.

    1) Which would be more appropriate to learn first, freestanding handstand or planche/elbow lever.
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