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  1. Tried a strongman event for the first time ever - pulled a 3 tonne jeep 10m in 45secs

    At 1.73m 76kg (or 5'7 167 pounds), is that a good time? I've never done this before so I need some feedback.

    Also, I moved by stretching out my stronger leg behind and moving both feet forward in...
  2. Severe Lordosis: Any recommendations?

    I've got a friend who has severe lordosis after an accident in 2004 in which a beam fell on his back and shattered his T1 to L1. His swayback is really exaggerated, and naturally he has constant back...
  3. Need advice on barbell front squats (plus an observation on the bench ego trip)

    After doing mostly kbs for a long time, I've decided to switch to barbell work.

    My first-time observations are that the barbell front squat seem to be less stressful on the core and much more...
  4. OT: Need help to write kettlebell business proposal

    I'm writing a business proposal for kettlebell classes to be conducted.

    Does anyone know of any sources of general business information in the fitness industry, specific to kettlebells or...
  5. First Ever Kettlebell Gathering in Singapore! (And Happy New Year as well!)

    I wanted to put this up earlier, but as you may know there was an earthquake in Taiwan that disrupted cable lines and as a result internet services were down in much of Asia.

    After more than two...
  6. Glad you find it useful.

    Use whatever you need.

    By the way, there's no need to label yourself. We're all here to learn from each other. ; )Singapore Kettlebells
  7. Elderly Chinese man doing bottoms-up bent press with a stone lock...

    Someone posted the photo here long time back but I can't find it. Help anyone?Singapore Kettlebells
  8. Actually...

    I just wanted to know your name. But thanks for sharing your portfolio. Singapore Kettlebells
  9. Wow!

    You mean THE Roy Harris? THE Guro Dan Inosanto? THE John Saxon? So many big names involved!

    I'm definately going to do a short write-up on this. Thanks for sharing your story.

    By the way, who...
  10. Pavel Newsletter 112: Bruce Lee did kettlebell swings?

    Wow, is that really true? Any photos or newspaper articles or something? Finally I've got a kettlebell-using icon that Asians can identify with (sorry, but old-time European and Russian strongmen...
  11. What KBs were used during the European RKC?

    Just curious to find out, because I'm sure DD wouldn't ship their bells over there just to conduct the course. Singapore Kettlebells
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    Latest Goals and PRs achieved.

    32 Mpress, 4 sets of 4 reps per side with 5mins rest per set

    HOC with 32kg, 20 swings, 30 sit-ups, 20 jerks, 30 squats, 2rounds, 14 mins 48 secs

    Descending Sets Double Swing with 2 x...
  13. I concur with the presses and TGUs...

    I'm somewhat perplexed when people can press a weight three or five times and yet struggle to do a single TGU with a LIGHTER weight. RKC says you can always TGU something you can't press, I find this...
  14. Hey Andrey, how come you're 83kg now?

    What have you been doing? Bulking up? Singapore Kettlebells
  15. There are toilets without the bowl...

    and the only way to take a dump in it would be to squat. Singapore RKC
  16. Weighted Pistol Question - Alright to assist with other leg?

    When working up the poundage in weighted pistols, is it alright to assist with the other leg? Or are there better ways? Thanks for your help. Singapore RKC
  17. Dipping becomes an issue when the bells are heavy...

    If you can't swing it or them high enough to clean, you have to get under it or them instead.

    Also, it depends on the drill. If you're cleaning for a military press, no dip is the way so that...
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    I recently experienced how much KBC sucks...

    A client of mine got posted to Singapore from New York, and he was looking for a kettlebell instructor. Since I am the only one, he found me and we got together to discuss terms.

    I found out he...
  19. Agreed.

    I lost 25-26 kilos after fasting for five weeks. Only ate some fruits and green vegetables and drank water.

    Of course at that time I was stuck at home, grossly obese with one leg in a cast from a...
  20. Inability to squat fully: What's the best remedy?

    Got some clients who can't squat fully. They range from 20s-40s. Reasons vary from tight hamstrings to tight ankles to tight back. What exercises and kb drills are there to remedy this? Thanks for...
  21. That part about joints having 1/10th metabolism of muscles...

    Could you refer the book or article to me? Thanks. Singapore Kettlebells
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    Attn: T. Phillips RKC

    Would like a word with you.

    Email at your convenience.

    Thanks. Singapore RKC
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    New 1RM Pull-up PR

    Yay, I'm 1/3 a beast tamer! View the clip, any comments on form greatly appreciated. 48kg Pull-Up
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    Just got one question...

    Does it combine well with Size and Strength? As in after a 16 week size and strength, perhaps a 16 week Speed and Explosive and back again?Singapore Kettlebells
  25. Elbow cannot fully extend: Should snatches still be done?

    Got a customer who has a permanent elbow injury, he can't extend it fully nor lock out. Full extension is around 90%. He has pain only when he attempts pull-ups. So far he has done snatches with a...
  26. Carrying the bell back a little more?

    Sorry, I don't get it. But yes, you are right, I suspect my stronger side (right) has lousier form than the left. Singapore Kettlebells
  27. No problems with light or moderate presses.

    But I do know that my right shoulder is somewhat stiffer than the left. E.g. I can do a 32kg bent press on the left complete by standing up, but on the right it gets stuck at the end and I have to...
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    You know the stereotypical "senior citizen asking directions from the hero under seig

    Not as dramatic perhaps, but similiar nonetheless.

    Was practising one afternoon below my block. Was concentrating on finishing off the last rep of double windmills with 2 32kgs. 2/3 of the way...
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    How can it be 8kg?

    It looks bigger than that! Perhaps it's hollow? Anyway very nice clip! She really looks like she's having a lot of fun. Singapore Kettlebells
  30. Hmm...

    Replace "diet" with "physical training" (for any purpose whatsoever) in what you've written and you'll have a very popular, albeit "cop-outish", view of physical training. Though the possibility of...
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