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$1,200.00 discount ends Sept 21, "You As Hero" Retreat

John Du Cane

Staff member
Register by September 21, and save $1,200.00 on your tuition. For complete details and to register, click here now

Note: this is an expanded, more in-depth version of the workshop formerly known as The Marketing Mastermind Intensive.

The “You As Hero” Retreat

Discover Your Real Inner Wealth, Communicate Your True Value to the World in a Systematic Way—and Achieve Greater Prosperity in Your Life…

The Ultimate Wealth-Generating Retreat—with Dragon Door Founder and CEO, John Du Cane

The You As Hero Retreat
is for those who wish to (check all that apply):

  • Turbo-Boost their revenues as a provider of fitness training services
  • Distinguish themselves as a leader in the performance-training market
  • Dramatically enhance their perceived value in the training business marketplace
  • Network with an elite group of highly motivated trainers, to create new and more profitable business opportunities
Is this YOU? Then read on now:
Is your current marketing
haphazard, piecemeal, sporadic—and are you generally operating by the seat of your pants?

Are you frustrated and confused
by your poor results—yet unsure where to begin, to turn things around?

Do you secretly think
you’ll never be able to do any better than you are doing now?

Do you feel you “don’t have the time”
to market yourself—so you just bumble along doing what you’ve always done?

Have you ever wished
someone—or some group—would just SHOW you and HELP you figure out EXACTLY what YOU had to do to succeed in your business?

Do you hate to “sell yourself”
and are you worried about hurting your reputation by inappropriate sales and marketing techniques?

Have you attended
marketing workshops in the past, got lots of great ideas—then failed to implement those ideas when you got back into your daily grind?

You Are Not Alone!

let me tell you, you are not alone. When it comes to marketing, only a tiny handful of trainers operate at velocity when it comes to communicating their value to others. And it’s only that tiny handful who really make the money they deserve to make. And that YOU deserve to make.

Because, if you are not doing a superb job of communicating your value to others—on a systematic, consistent basis—it doesn’t matter how well educated or skilled you are, you’re never going to get more than mediocre results. Ever. Don’t kid yourself.

Unfortunately, there has been nowhere you can go, no one place, no one event or seminar or workshop, where you get a complete PERSONALIZED marketing plan figured out for you. A personalized marketing plan, based on timeless, proven strategies that you can implement the moment you get home and immediately start turning your life around.

Until now…

Now, 20 years after founding Dragon Door, I think I have figured out a few things that work—and work dramatically well. I hardly need to persuade you that the DD marketing machine has something going for it…… no one but a handful of old school diehards knew about kettlebells. They had been forgotten. No training materials existed, there were no workshops, NO kettlebell instructors in America. None, nada, not one. Anywhere.

How Dragon Door Put Kettlebells on the World Map—
And What This Means For You…

Think about it: America, in the year 2000

Think about that some more!

Now, fast forward to 2012 and Google “kettlebells”
. When I did this myself a couple of minutes ago, the search pulled up 5,160,000 entries. From zilch to 5+ million in just twelve years! And it all started with Dragon Door…

Enough said.

Yes, I am preaching to the choir here, but there is a deeper point: it is entirely because of two things that kettlebells have become the global phenomenon they are.

One: Pavel’s genius
in providing the brilliant training resources.

Two: Dragon Door’s marketing campaign
to launch the kettlebell revolution.

Without these two elements, “the thing of value” and “the communication of the value of the thing” you and I wouldn’t be talking here right now.

And I do believe I can save you a world of ongoing hurt and loss, by saving you now from all the mistakes I made. By giving you absolutely ALL of the major marketing insights and strategies that have worked for me and Dragon Door. Which I know can also work for you.

That brings me to absolutely one of my greatest frustrations about business and marketing: the difficulty of formulating, following and consistently implementing a kick-ass marketing plan that will keep yielding results day-in, day-out.

The “You As Hero” Retreat:
Implementation Will Be Everything!

Which is why I have created this one-of-a-kind, very special “You As Hero” Retreat. It’s what I wish I could have attended myself, but no one has ever offered before. An opportunity to develop a highly personalized, highly practical plan—based on proven principles—to turbo-charge your business.

And frankly, I expect to benefit from this “
You As Hero” Retreat just as much as you.

Because, in this extremely interactive retreat, every participant is going to be plunging deep within themselves… Crafting their own personal vision of who they really are and the one-year marketing plan to communicate that value out to the world. In detail. A plan designed to generate results day-in, day-out, for them personally.

Moreover, the deeper each of us works at this bootcamp, the more the whole group is going to benefit!

You’re not just going to be exposed to a
treasure trove of proven marketing secrets. You’re going to pick the jewels from the treasure trove that will work for YOU.

And you’re not going to be allowed to leave the retreat without a complete WRITTEN plan, spelling out exactly what you’re going to be doing to turbo-charge your business, day-by-day, week-by-week and month-by-month for the whole next year.

I like to think that you’ll come in with the equivalent of an old, battered Chevy and will leave with the keys to a brand new Ferrari. How you drive your Ferrari will be up to you. That part we are not going to do for you. But you DO have the opportunity to drive out the door with that Ferrari…

Go from a Battered Chevy to a Brand New Ferrari

To take full advantage of the
“You As Hero” experience, the workshop will have numerous breakout sessions where will you be working with a partner or a group to discover the formulas, strategies and presentations that YOU should use to optimize your success in business over the coming years.

Many of you will be called to the front at a moment’s notice and asked to make a mini-presentation to the whole group on an aspect of your marketing plan.

In other words, the
“You As Hero” Retreat will be structured with troubleshooting, practice, constant feedback and an atmosphere of “we are here to ensure that you succeed.”

Yes, you will be learning a ton of stuff from Dragon Door’s prime marketer about what you need to turbo charge your business. However, I am convinced you will gain as much if not WAY MORE from what you’ll learn from your fellow “Heroes”.

Some of you may have heard my two-hour marketing presentation at the RKC where I summarize the ultimate keys to marketing success. A high proportion of the RKC workshop evals rate the marketing presentation as one of the top 5 take-aways from the whole training. Many RKCs have commented that the marketing segment alone was worth the price of admission. Other RKCs have testified that they’ve doubled their incomes just from one idea they got at the presentation.

But, let’s face it: my RKC marketing presentation is 22 years of hard-gained wisdom jammed into 2 hours! It’s a summary!

What if you could join a cabal of fellow trainers and plunge DEEPLY into this treasure trove of secrets? What if you had 4 full days in which to truly figure out exactly what you need to do to transform your business?

And what if you had 4 full days in which your peers get to help you succeed in every aspect of your success plan?

Well, that’s exactly what you’re going to get when you participate in the
“You As Hero” Retreat!

For complete details and to register, click here now

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