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1 arm pushups causing elbow tendonitis! HELP!


New member
I have a tendency to pick up an annoying case of elbow tendonitis when I begin a program of 1 arm pushups. Is my form faulty? Is there anything I can do to reduce the potential of picking up tendonitis from this exercise?... or should I just give up on the 1 arm pushup??

Paul MacManus

New member
maybe you're doing too many?

For form have your read Pavels Naked Warrior?
As the book is all about how to do two exercises
One arm pushups and Pistols.

probably need more info from you to diagnose this


New member
I had a similar problem .Iwas working on chins really hard as well as the pushups.My solution was to cut down on volume and intensity of both-Istill do pushups six days a week just less and I make sure I go back to doing them off the floor now and again.Chins I only do twice a week now.Also I got a powerball,don't know if it helped,but it hasn't hurt to increase the stamina of my forearms.Same with opening fingers against elastic bands and stretching the forearms.Good luck


New member
Try Pavel's elbow circles from Joint Mobility.
It seems to esing my won elbow pain.
Good luck.


BJones RKC

New member

Have you had your elbow evaluated by a Dr. or Chiro?
If yes and cleared for activity - then...
See some of Steve Maxwell's posts on the subject of proper 1arm Pushup form and progression - (use the search function)
make sure your elbow is tight to the body (think of smashing your tricep against your Lat the whole time)
Stretch the forearm (not to pain - just stretch) Joint mobility is good as well
Work the extensors by expanding the fingers against a rubber band
Low Volume - a few singles at most

Keep us posted - And if this is a recurring issue - get checked by a Dr.

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