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106 lb kettelbell


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I noticed on the Dragondoor web site that there are 106 lb kettlebells for sale. At what level of proficiency would an athlete be using a 106 lb kettlebell? What exercises would an athlete be doing with a 106 lb kettelbell? Are there any professional/college football teams that are using this kind of weight?

I would be interested in knowing?

the bell was just released

However, as someone who has been training with kettlebells for many years and has traines a ton of other people with them, I can tell you that not too many athletes will be able to do the standard KB drill such as one-arm presses, windmills, snatches, TGU, with the 105lb bell. Many will be able to handle a 106lb kettlebell for two-arm swings and some other basic moves such as one-arm cleans and one arm swings etc. However, beyond that, you have to be pretty strong. Basically, if you can handle an 88lb bell well, get the 105lb bell. Otherwise, do not bother.

Mike Mahler http://www.mikemahler.com
I am sure he can and plenty of other people as well such as

Pavel, Steve Cotter, Brett Jones, Mike Castrogiovanni, Brad Nelson, Dave Whitley, Bud Jeffries, and plenty of other people on this forum and in the RKC community. For Brookfield it will be child's play.

Mike Mahler http://www.mikemahler.com
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