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1st time-10 mins snatch with 24kgs


New member
Ok I have been training for about 2 months with kbells (minus 12 days-back injury while grappling). Read about the 10 min test and always wanted to try it. Well I have just recovered from the back injury and done about 2-3 workouts. Came home today dog tired from work at about 8 in the evening-mentally pooped-pretty hot and humid here in Sydney, Australia at the moment. I was going to train snatches only anyway but I thought I'd take the test. I thoughtin my condition 100 would be good but I managed 145 reps. I had to stop about 40 secs from the end though because a chunk of my skin was torn underneath the callus of my right hand. I may have got 10 more. My questions are-

1)How do I treat my hand-Do I tape it up and keep training? Cut of the piece of skin that's flapping around? Any advice would be appreciated.

2)What's the record and what's a good number to shoot for. To be honest I havent been doing many sets of snatches and I surprised myself.



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My record with 24kg is 221 reps... It is all about tactics:)
Strart every 30 sec; and switch hands another set; perfor 11 or 12 reps in about 20 sec; 10 sec of rest...

It is that easy:)




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Com. Viper,

Your own skin is the best bandage, so don't cut off the flap. Just keep it clean and do what you have to to keep the flap from snagging and tearing.

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