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2 kb clean problems


New member
as the size of the kb increases, i have increasing difficulty with the mechanics of the movement. i can't seem to find the correct groove and end up banging them together, banging a bodypart (so far not a critical one...), or throwing them so far out the side there's no way those babies are coming back to my shoulders. any thoughts or suggestions?


New member
Spend some time on 2 arm swings and 2 arm high pulls with the 2 pood bell -it will help your nervous system get used to the weight. And when you go back to 1 arm versions, really emphasize the hip thrust, and fight the way the big Beast tends to pull you forward.

My left arm still has problems with the mechanics of the one hand snatch, so when I practice using the bigger bells, I will sometimes assist with the other hand at the top of the lift/flip - I grab the inside handle with my right hand and put just enough assistance on the bell to keep the thing from hurting me. Same thing with miltary and side presses with the two pood bell if me left arm runs out of gas.

There is no substitute for good technique, but at least I am not getting killed while I try to learn it!


New member
In addition to what Com. Lemmon suggested which is great advice, remember to contract the lat/peck area hard at the top, as you cover/protect your liver/spleen with your elbows. Allowing a little air to be exhaled as you cushion the blow can be helpful while maintaining the correct ab contraction. Proper technique makes all the difference once you have the
basics of the movement correct. All the best. You'll have it in no time.


New member
Proper technique will allow you to lift greater weight with less discomfort. Are you in the Orlando FL area, If so I can help you work on your technique as I am a Certified Russian KB Instructor.
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