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3 exercises KB, BW, or BB that you recommend to train for MA on a regular basis


New member
What 3 exercises (KB, BW, or BB) do you recommend to train to supplement for MA on a regular basis? Either one arm or two arm exercises?
If you were to choose 3 exercises, which ones would you recommend? Add a 4th if you wish. Thanks


New member
If we are just talking strength training (not conditioning), my picks are Deadlift, Side Press, and Full Contact Twist. All three begin in the feet and end in the hands. The DL stresses you front to back, the side press from side to side, and the FCT around your axis.




New member
My top picks are handstands (and their variation exercises), swings, and pistols. I also do deadlifts, TGUs, and presses (side, KB MP, and am experimented with some bench currently).
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