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4 H B Slow Carb Diet


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I am on week three (3) of the SCD. I have to say that I have lost about 8 pounds, and 3 inches around the waist in this time period. 34inch trousers now fit loosly and a 32 is still a bit snug but I can squeeze into them. I don't even clearly remember any time in my life where I wore 32inch trousers. Let me say that I was doing ESE for exactly one year - and it worked. I learned alot from ESE. I lost significant BF on ESE and learned how to control irrational eating. IF appeals to me because I am not hungry anyway for a large part of the day. And while on ESE I was able to continue to eat ANYTHING and have my beer/whiskey almost anytime. The last 4+ months on ESE my weight plataued (no weight loss), but I was looking leaner. But I was getting bored and heard all the hubhub on the forum about 4HB SCD - and decided to give it a shot for one year - like I did for ESE. Immediately after week 1 I broke through the weight plataue that occurred at the end of ESE. The 1st Cheat Day I really took it out for a test ride - Lunch: Macroni and cheese and a thick liverwurst/onion on rye bread, and a hersheys chocolate bar. Dinner: two homemade cheeseburgers (big uns) a plate of fried potatoes and onions, and later that evening 4 beers, 2 whiskeys and a whole large Digornio pizza for myself. I ate until I was unable to eat...I gained 6.5 lbs from that first cheat day - BUT lost all that and MORE over the course of the next 2-3 days. The next 2 succeeding cheat days I did not eat as much because on the SCD I never get hungry at all (and did not want to eat myself sick like I did the 1st time) , so my weight is dropping more so than I suspected it should. I even drank less beer this time around (2 instead of 4) . The key is that for 6 days you DO NOT eat any bread, cereal, potatoes, rice. Refrain from as much processed food as you can. Eat the same breakfast and lunch everyday (eggs, beans, chicken or beef - PROTEIN with vegetables). Dinner beef, vegetables...eat fruit only on a cheat day. Not during the week. As far as my training goes, I am doing the PM with some CC on the side. I probably will lose some muscle over the year, but my lifelong goal is to be able to wear trousers I may have worn in the 9th grade...hehe!! Biggest obstacle for me on SCD is doing without beer/whiskey 6 days at a time. But beer has allways been a trigger for eating pizza and burgers. Someone suggested that I could switch to red wine. Maybe so, but its not the same for me. This is another learning oppurtunity for me to control irrational drinking. So each plan - ESE or the SCD has its ups and downs. I feel it is too early to make a fair comparision. Can anyone else draw any conclusions/comparisons from these eating plans? ...Dennis


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As Dan John has said: Anything works...for about six weeks. My diet has been very slow carb for over 2 years. When I started the slow card diet the only thing I needed to do was cut dairy and add a cheat day. I did this and lost about 10 pounds, but then it leveled off. I think that it is just a matter of your body adapting. Don't get me wrong I think low glycemic is the way to go for many health related reasons, but there is no magic in diet. Being healthy and not overweight or in these times for a middle age man...diebetic...requires warrior like discipline...this actually is magic.


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When i first started on the SCD, i really went over board on mny cheat day mostly by huge high carb meals & grazzing all day on snacks. I would almost eat til i felt sick. Since then, i cut back on the grazzing & really just have 2 cheat meals on my cheat day....which has turned into the 6th day eatting strict until dinner, which i do use as a cheat meal, followed by 1 full cheat day, and the weight is staying the same or dropping slowly....the point is, I'm not gainning by haveing a good cheat meal on one of my strict days. Plus i get to eat the same meal with my family at dinner time 2 days in a row. When monday rolls around, I'm really ready to eat SUPER strick again.​


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kbpaul, I did the same thing on my 1st Cheat Day. I did it delibertly. I really wanted to see if the pounds would come off from a HUGE one day stuff your face event. And it all came off (6.5lbs)within 2-3 days. Tim Ferris says in the book that on his Cheat Day he consumed 6000+ calories. I get nausous at the thought now. I have really cut back on the things I will eat on Cheat day. In all honesty the only thing I look forward to is my Saturday night beer/whiskey and pizza for my Cheat Day celebration. I feel no need to have the donuts, cookies, Taco Bell, potatoe chips and hoagie sandwiches all in that one day. I may have one or two items from that list, but not the whole shebang. There is greater weight flucuation through the week - and my clothes ARE fitting looser. With only about a month on the program I can't make a judgement yet - I suspect by June I will have a better idea if 4HB SCD is doing the job...Dennis


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Great thread Dennis - thanks for the post.

Like you, I've had great success using ESE over the last 2 years to drop 45 pounds and maintain that loss thereafter. But also like you, I've plateaued recently (admittedly most likely due to looser eating due to lack of motivation) and the idea of using the SCD to drop a few quick ones sounds insteresting to me, especially with beach season approaching. :)

I definitely think ESE is more my style over the long term, but I just may give this a shot to change things up for a couple of weeks after hearing your results. The beer is gonna be tough though!


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I am on my second week of slow carb. I have been having no problems with staying on the diet. I think the one think I miss the most is my beer.
I haven't lost any appreciable weight yet. Others have told me to wait a couple of weeks to see great results. What results have others seen in the first few weeks.

Another thing, I did NOT measure myself or fat %. Is it possible I am loosing fat but not weight?

I am in good, but not great shape and about 100 lbs above ideal weight.


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I would check out some nutrition plans that actually have some science behind it. IMHO, you can get really good info from Lyle McDonald, Alan Aragon, leangains, and ESE... (much more qualified that I). Its unfortunate that there is so much bogus info out there.

If you are only watching the scale, I don't think you are getting the whole picture, you have to measure body fat% as well... But then again, you should have also shed some water weight as well...

Chad Paulus

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Can one of you explain ESE? At least what it stands for?

2nd--I have read 4HB and am doing the SCD. Are you using the 4 horseman that Tim recommends? If so what do you think?


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ESE = Eat Stop Eat, basically you will fast for one or two days a week. I've been doing in conjunction with Slow Carb Diet and I'm very happy with the results.
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