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5 Important Considerations for At-Home Kettlebell Workouts, by Joe Boffi

John Du Cane

Staff member
By Joe Boffi, RKC Team Leader

As a co-founder of Catalyst SPORT in NYC, I’ve been exposed to many different people—people just like you.
One of the most common questions I get from both fitness professionals and enthusiasts is, “What is the best piece of equipment I can buy for a home workout?”
Being a long-time martial artist, athlete, and strength coach, I have used a plethora of exercise equipment (in the gym and at home).
Without a doubt, my answer is always a KETTLEBELL.
With that choice, I wanted to add my top five things to consider for kettlebell workouts at home.
Space & Obstructions:

A significant concern for effective in-home workouts is the amount of physical space required.
But, the beauty of using a kettlebell instead of...read complete post.



New member
Overall great tips. And---Minimum space for "swing based" i.e. ballistics does not equal safe space. Good luck with that wall if you ever, for any reason, lose your grip.
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