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A Big Thanks to the RKC Community

I just wanted to thank kettlebells and the RKC System for helping me go from a fat slob at 360lbs to a refined, stronger 280lbs. I have been training kettlebells now for about three years and I am actually excited to use them.

RKC community, please help me to share my story with others and help promote hardstyle kettlebell training. I recently started a bout of videos...pleas see if you can review them and if I have all my facts straight. Thank you again and I will seek my RKC cert soon.



New member
Congratulations, that's outstanding! I'll check out your videos and see if there's any feedback I can give. Preparing for and passing the RKC is in many ways more mental than physical, and if you can lose 80 pounds, you've got a great start on the mental part.

Keep up the good work, and keep us posted!
J. Ginsberg: Thanks man, I have always prided myself on an insane amount of mental toughness. I got the snatch test in about 4:30...the only thing I need to work on is pullups but those are comin along too.

I just have a problem sometimes keeping my diet under control with sugar and complex carb intake, but I'm trying to work my carbs in around my workout to deal with insulin response. I do have some workouts of mine posted on Tumblr.com (www.becomingthebeast.tumblr.com)

Many say I am glutton for punishment.
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