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A coupleTSC training questions


New member

I am toying with competing in the TSC (Level 1) and would like some training advice.

I am on Day number two of a GTG pullup schedule. I hope to do the % every hour for 2 weeks then do ladders 2-3X per week for 2 weeks or so after that and keep alternating until Oct. Is that OK?

I really need to improve my snatch number with the 1.5. How does the party feel about ladders several times per week to increase the number? In place of that, or for a change, could I do the pure GTG every hour a certain % thing with snatches too?

Lastly, I do not have two 1.5 bells, although I can get a hold of one to test myself (thanks Jimlovich), is there any value to doing the front squats with a 1 pood in one hand and the 1.5 in another? Or should I just bite the bullet, go the the gym and load a bar or grab two 55lb DBs?

Thanks for the input, I'll keep you posted on my progress.

In health,

Pavel Tsatsouline

Com. John, GTG is great for pullups. Vary the weight every day. GTG is not ideal for snatches, ladders are right on. Yes, you can FSQ with 2 difft size KBs, just make sure to do it both ways.
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