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A quick PttP question


New member
Hello Comrades, my name is Kenny. I'm a 21-year-old junior in college who earlier this year purchased both Enter the Kettlebell and Power to the People. My whole life I have been somewhat overweight and nonathletic, but by the end of high school I was decently strong after training with my school's very successful varsity football players in the weight room. In May, my girlfriend and I purchased our DD kettlebells, me using a 16kg and her using a 6kg bell. We began following the Program Minimum followed by the Rite of Passage as laid out in Anthony DiLuglio's companion workbook. It's a form of exercise that we now both truly enjoy and my commitment to the form is firm.

Now that I have some experience with kettlebells, I'd like to start a round of Power to the People. I have two questions about it:

1) When doing 2x5 of side presses (which I'll be using dumbbells for gym safety reasons), should I be doing two sets for each arm, or one set on each side?

2) Would it be a good idea to incorporate elements of the Program Minimum into PttP? I'd like to continue to utilize the conditioning of the PM while making the raw strength gains of PttP. It's been a while since I stepped into a weight room, so I don't want to overtrain or overexert myself, but I also want to positively develop my body in a well-rounded way. I've no ambitions to be a competing athlete or anything of the sort, I just want to be a healthy human body in a society that is severely lacking them.

Thanks if you made it to the end of this rambling post. I'm a longtime lurker but inexperienced poster here. This message board has been crucial to my understanding and motivation for furthering my physical form. I love the advice here, and I could sorely use some.

- Kenny


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Gday Kenny,

1. 2 sets per arm

2. Do you have the ETK dvd or the book? Pavel lays out two options for incorporating PttP and Rite of Passage in the book.

Why dont you progress to Rite of Passage? It has swings and snatches for conditioning and cleans and presses for strength, which is basically the same as side presses and deadlifts.


Steve Freides

New member
Comrade DaddyTwoFoot, I would use the kettlebell military press which you learned in the ROP instead of your proposed dumbbell side press, it will keep you using kettlebells, and it will help you continue to make progress on your press more effectively. Either will work, of course.

Please remember that Pavel picked the _barbell_ side press for a reason - you are forced to grip the bar more tightly, and that becomes part of the lift. If you wish to sidepress with something less than a stardard 7-foot Olympic bar, slightly shorter versions are available, e.g., we own one here that's 5 feet long but otherwise the grip requirements are the same.

You may end your PTTP workouts with swings. I liked to do 1-2 minutes, not more, of swings at the end of a tiring strength workout - just enough to get a little cardio and help loosen up a bit. If you make that 1-2 minutes intense and non-stop, you'll be getting enough cardio, at least what I consider to be enough. I have an article on this site that explains why in more detail which you can find using the search function in the articles section.

Please consider returning to the ROP, completing it with 16 kg if you haven't already, then moving up to 20 or 24 kg. The ROP is a solid program and you will reap the results if you stick with it. Likewise, PTTP is a great program. I'd give each at least a 3 month run before switching.

Hope that helps.

Steve Freides
RKC Team Leader
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