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A rafter pull-up first..


New member
I accomplished a palms away rafter pull-up on a single rafter with three fingers of each hand (thumb, index and middle) for the first time today. I have been doing three finger rafter pull-ups for some time on two separate rafters. It is quite a bit more difficult on a single rafter because you cannot utilize any chest crush strength to help pull yourself up.

I am making very slow progress towards the double bodyweight rafter pull-up and even slower progress towards the one arm rafter pull-up.


Fireman Tom

New member
Have you been locked in a dungeon? And the only way

you'll get any food is to impress your jailer with strength feets? ;-) LOL

Brad, you continue to amaze us. We're all just looking forward to the time you write a book about how you do all these stunts.

Impressed as usual,



New member

And here I thought you were going to work on evil wheels for a while and give us a couple years to work on your other rafter tricks. Always something new.

Question for you,do you always do your weighted rafter pull-ups on 32" centers so that your head touches the center rafter?
Just curious, Tim.


New member
Yes but...

please don't tell my wife that I called her a jailer;) Actually, she just shakes her head and leaves. Thanks for the compliment!



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weighted rafter pull-ups..


I have too much fun with the rafters to take a break from them. I use extra weight on several kinds of rafter pull-ups but I use the most weight on 2 rafters 32" apart. My current bests are:

2 rafters 32" apart-BW+135 pounds
2 rafters 16" apart- BW+75 pounds
single rafter with palms away grip- BW+54 pounds



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New member

How many friggin pounds of pressure do you have in those hands of yours? I am in jaw dropping shock as usual. Have you hit any other mind blowing PRs lately ( any PR of yours is mind blowing )?


New member
Thanks Justin....

No major PRs. I am not working on DFs as much right now as I am focusing on the ab wheel. I do think that there will be a lot of carryover.



New member
Always amazing!! congratulations!! ...

So when are you going to start selling pieces of your basement rafters on Ebay as collectables? Hahaha....
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