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Advice for HS Football Lineman


New member
My nephew is 16 years old, 6' tall at ~200-210 lbs. He plays both offensive & defensive line, and is likely to play on the varsity team next season.
At the end of last season his coaches told him he "would be great if he played out of a wider stance." He asked me for off-season workout advice and I suggested Sumo DL and wide stance squats.
Any other/better ideas?


New member
This goes far broader than adding an exercise to emulate a sport specific need. I wouldn't suggest you simply add an exercise but instead understand his needs, the sports needs and then look at his full training program.

Have you read my book Renegade Training for Football yet?

Let me know how I can help - it is always nice to help on the forum.

In faith,

Coach Davies


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I think that what the coach is implying is that your nephew's technique could be tweaked. That is something he'll have to learn on the practice field.
Of course, a good all-around strength and agility program will help him immensely, especially if his technique is sound.
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