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Aerobic Conditioning for Road Biking


New member
Anyone have recommendations for programs for training aerobic endurance for road cycling?

I've been away from this community for about 10 years while while my shoulder stability is not quite ready for Kenneth Jay's snatch protocol, I'm needing a swing-intensive aerobic program option to stay up while this coronadeal does its deal.

Any thoughts appreciated.


New member
I'm not a biker nor a trainer but all my personal experience tells me that for road bike endurance, best training is....road bike endurance riding. Got a "trainer" that you hook your bike into and can ride in the living room?

Swings, Kenneth Jay's snatch protocols etc are more for sprints and even then not exactly matched to what you need. For endurance, you need to condition cardio for sure, but also, long burn for legs and maybe extra for quads. If you do have or can get an indoor trainer, then I'd put on a movie or music and do LSD type "riding" and also some sprint intervals, probably on different days


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Another idea that might be useful is the antiglycolytic type swing or snatch protocol which builds a different aspect of energy metabolism/use than either LSD or conventional sprint intervals.

The below can be done w/ 2H swings, 1H swings, snatches, LCC&J
Key is max 20 seconds (15 is about right) of flat out max effort then long rest to full recovery. Repeat for 30-60 minutes total (work+rest)
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