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All-purpose stock flame

Rob Lawrence

New member
Since the all purpose stock answers were so useful yesterday, I thought we could clean up the board even more with an all-purpose stock flame. Before you flame anyone, make sure the flame hasn't been posted here.

In brief:
- Your martial arts style sucks. In a streetfight you would probably even lose to a SCARS guy.
- The food you eat is garbage. I can't believe you can even walk around on that diet.
- Some religion that you may or not believe in is wrong. Also, it is evil.
- A certain other "nameless" religion is running the media. By buying newspapers and watching TV you are indirectly supporting it, you piece of crap.
- If you out-argue me, you're pretentious. You're also immature for posting to this forum.
- You're unpatriotic. Or patriotic. Or maybe somewhere between. Either way, you suck.


you forgot " it is easy to talk tough behind a keyboard but you prabably aren't man enough to say that to my face " the irony of this one is that it usually comes from some loser who spends a lot of time talking tough from behind his keyboard



New member
We should number all the flames to make it simple - Joke

I have a suggestion. We should number all the flames. When someone wants to flame another, we would just type "Flame No. 1") Everyone on the board would know what the flame was, but the flamer would save a lot of typing.

Reminds me of an old joke. A visiting comedian attends a comedians' conference. One of the top comedians stands in front of the group and says "Joke Number 22". Everyone breaks out laughing. Another comedian gives his best joke by saying "Joke Number 46" Everyone roars with laughter.

The visiting comedian asks his comedian friend what was going on. His friend replied that all of the comedians in the conference had memorized all the jokes, so that saying a number would elict a response as if the entire joke was told. The visitor insists on trying it out and asks his friend for his best joke. Why don't you try, Number 1, his friend replied.

So, the visitor accepts an invitation to tell his friend's best joke to the crowd of comedians. With a smile on this face, he blurts out "Joke Number 1". Nobody laughs, and the visiting comedian is crushed. He asks his friend what went wrong. His friend said, its not so much the joke, it's how you tell it that counts.

Silly joke, just like some of the flames I have read on the board.
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