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and internat level


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and since you have asked about international level - on a World Championships there are atleast 10 or so competitors who have done over 200... So I think something like 200 or little more is a good numbers for international level

Thanks, she has done 340 swings in a 20 min workout...

so I think 200 reps in the snatch is do-able. What weight?
Andrey, if you were training a female competitor that wanted to train for the Jerk,Snatch and Long Cycle, what would her goals be for a 60kg woman to make her "world class"? I know there are no official rankings but she needs a goal. She has seen the KB stuff I have purchased from you and I think your say so would be good authority...thanks1 zach_x@hotmail.com


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Thanks, she has done 340 swings in a 20 min workout...

the weight of the kettlebell is 16kg

"world class"? hmm.. I would say 200+ snatches, 100+ jerks with 2x16kg, 70+ LC with 2x16kg

that's my opinion...

but I guess she might need a more "short time" goasl, for example, for the next couple of months...

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