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And yet another:

Zach Passman

New member
There are lots of ways to put a cheap-o sled together.
I used an old car tire, with a piece of plywood wedged in the opening. Stuck an eye-bolt in the tread of the tire, and attached a carabiner and chain to the eye-bolt. Then put in KBs, plates, rocks, or what-have-you, and run the chain through a belt (I use my priceless PL belt, but I think a lesser model would suffice). Then I pull up and down the street to my heart's content (usually about 4 trips back and forth on the block).


I've also seen a plywood-only model, but thought that the road would chew it up in pretty short order.


New member
The tire is a great idea

I made a plywood one for use in my yard. You're right, the road would chew it up really quick. I like the tire idea, very clever!

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