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Announcing a new Dragon Door certification: Mental Mastery, with Mike Gillette

John Du Cane

Staff member
Announcing a new 3-day Dragon Door certification program:
Mental Mastery, Advanced Coaching and Training Strategies to
Optimize Outcomes for Your Clients
By Mike Gillette
This is aimed at RKCs and HKCs in particular but will be open to any coach or trainer. The first cert workshop will be held in February 2013 and we will have full details up on our site within two weeks.

Here is information about Mike Gillette:
Please note these two accomplishments, especially:

• Primary designer / instructor of terrorism prevention program for the Walt Disney Company
• Primary designer / instructor of grant-funded terrorism prevention program for the Department of Homeland Security

Former SWAT Commander and Executive Bodyguard, Mike Gillette is a relentless student of the human factors which allow people to succeed against overwhelming odds. In his line of work, these ‘odds’ have centered on threat management and peak performance training methods. His research and experiences have taken him through many different worlds and disciplines. They have ultimately produced a body of knowledge which has been put to use by clients ranging from armed professionals to ordinary people who must operate in extraordinary circumstances.
Mike is one of the most highly credentialed tactical trainers in the United States, with over 25 different Use-of-Force and Weapons Systems instructor designations to his name.
For over 25 years, Mike has been an ardent student of the martial arts. He has traveled extensively to train with some of the world’s foremost instructors, earning black belts in Filipino, Korean and American martial arts styles. Mike has appeared in martial arts magazines, books and videos and has provided performance coaching to competitive martial arts fighters.

Mike has, by necessity, pursued a life-long study of strength and conditioning methods. He served for several years as a Police Academy Fitness Trainer and later as a Physical Training Specialist for the Army National Guard. He has personally trained under such luminaries as Bob Hoffman, former Physical Education Faculty at West Point and former Director of the US Army’s Physical Fitness School; and Ed Thomas, one of the world’s leading physical culture experts.
More recently, Mike began training in the performance of strongman-style feats of strength, studying with such notable practitioners as Dennis Rogers and Jon Bruney. And to better understand the connection between mind and body, Mike has trained with Guy Savelli, best known for introducing unconventional operator enhancement techniques to the US Army Special Forces community and whose unique talents were the basis for the title of the film “The Men Who Stare at Goats”.

Mike’s current mission is the sharing of his mind/body improvement methods via speaking, workshops and private coaching.
• Bodyguard to Fortune 100 CEOs, domestically and abroad
• Leading practitioner of Mind / Body power
• Member of Martial Arts Masters Hall-of-Fame
• Counter-Terrorism Subject-Matter Expert for Department of Homeland Security and Transportation Security Administration
• Interviewed by numerous media outlets including Forbes Magazine, CBS-TV, “America’s Most Wanted” and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
• Developer of the “Savage Strength Training Program” sold in over 20 countries worldwide
• Nutrition consultant to Gina Carano (star of NBC’s “American Gladiators” and the film “Haywire)
• Nutritionist for the cast of reality television show “Fight Girls”
• Developer of the “4-Dimensional Strength” Training Protocol
• Certified Hypnotist - International Certification Board of Clinical Hypnotherapy
• Former Physical Fitness Instructor - US Army
• Former Police Academy Physical Fitness Trainer
• Certified Fitness Trainer - 20+ years
• Former Police Officer, SWAT Commander & Army Paratrooper
• Black Belts in Jiu-Jitsu, American Combat Kempo and Arnis
• Bachelor of Arts, University of Arizona

Director of Special Projects "Name Witheld" -- Las Vegas, NV 2006 -12
• Program management duties for executive protection clients
• Lead instruction and curriculum development for the training of executive protection teams
• Ongoing assignments performing executive protection operations for high net-worth clients
• Lead agent for the research and delivery of Threat Assessments for high-risk clients and organizations

Director of Training Institute for Security Studies -- UNLV 2004 – 2006
• Primary designer / instructor of terrorism prevention program for the Walt Disney Company
• Primary designer / instructor of grant-funded terrorism prevention program for the Department of Homeland Security
• Project Manager for Department of Homeland Security-funded Vulnerability Assessment of the State of Nevada
• Authored the Department of Homeland Security publication Terrorism Awareness: Protecting Soft Targets

Director of Training National Law Enforcement & Security Institute 2001 – 2004
• Primary design, delivery and oversight for all Use-of-Force training programs
• Primary designer / instructor of in-flight terrorism prevention program for United Airlines
• Primary designer of in-flight terrorism prevention program for Air Canada
• Training consultant to JetBlue Airways
• Content development for Crisis Communication Skills DVD series

• Adjunct Faculty, University of Las Vegas, Nevada 2007-
• Certificate in Police Agency Administration
Northwestern University Center for Public Safety; Evanston, IL 1998
• Certificate in Police Personnel Supervision
Northwestern University Center for Public Safety; Evanston, IL 1996
• Certificate in Police Personnel Field Training
Northwestern University Center for Public Safety; Evanston, IL 1994
• Bachelor of Arts, Media Arts
University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ 1984 – 1988

• 194TH Long Range Surveillance Detachment (Airborne)
Army National Guard 1995-1996
• 1/325th Infantry Regiment (Airborne)
82d Airborne Division 1982-1984


Partial List of Corporate Training/Consulting Clients:
Science Applications Intl. Corp. (SAIC) United States Conference of Mayors
Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino America West Arena
Caesar’s Palace Resort & Casino Flamingo Hotel & Casino
Honeywell International J.W. Marriott
Las Vegas Convention & Visitors Authority Las Vegas Motor Speedway
Luxor Hotel & Casino Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino
MGM Grand Resort & Casino New York New York Hotel & Casino
Phoenix, AZ Art Museum Riviera Hotel & Casino
SeaWorld San Diego Sprint Communications
Stardust Resort & Casino Stratosphere Resort & Casino
Mirage Resort & Casino Rio Resort & Casino
Treasure Island Resort & Casino Tropicana Hotel & Casino
Qualcomm Venetian Resort & Casino
Wynn Resorts International Diamond Resorts International
Walt Disney Company Southern California Safety Institute

Partial List of Government Training Clients:
Department of Homeland Security (DHS) DHS Office of Domestic Preparedness (ODP)
DHS Office of Grants and Training (OGT) Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
US Department of Agriculture (USDA) Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA)
United States Marine Corps United States Army
United States Air Force United States Marshall’s Service

Counter-Hijack Airline Training/Consulting Clients:
United Airlines JetBlue Airlines
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