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Announcing GS seminar with world record holder V. Fedorenko, 1/29/05 in Philadelphia

Rob Lawrence

New member
The Philadelphia Kettlebell Club will be hosting a seminar with the GS world record holder at 80kg, Mr. Valery Fedorenko. The seminar will be held at Maxercise (www.maxercise.com) in Philadelphia on Saturday Jan 29th, from 1 PM to 5 PM. Cost is $200, payable in person at the seminar. For more information, please write me, robt_lawrence@yahoo.com.

The material covered will be the short and long cycle jerk and the snatch. Such an opportunity speaks for itself and we urge you not to miss this.

If you are on the West Coast, contact Steve Cotter about his upcoming seminar with Valery out in San Diego.

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