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Announcing two new RKC Team Leaders, for Germany

John Du Cane

Staff member
Dragon Door is proud to introduce Florian Kiendl and Moritz Rammensee as new Dragon Door RKC Team Leaders, for Germany.
Dragon Door’s mission is to address the functional needs of the complete athlete. We believe that both Florian and Moritz, with their all-around athletic capabilities and strong training background will be outstanding representatives for Dragon Door’s new programs.
Here is more about Florian Kiendl in his own words:

For most of my life I have practiced Martial Arts: Tae Kwon Do and Judo as a child, later Aikido and eventually I came back to Tae Kwon Do as a young adult. I stuck with it and today carry the second degree black belt from the Son Jong Ho Tae Kwon Do Federation. Grandmaster Son Jong Ho has forged my believe that in order to preserve health one has to train intensely and often.

I learned about Kettlebells in 2009 and was immediately hooked. In the same year I decided to fulfill my long time dream and open up a Tae Kwon Do-studio in a small town close to Munich.

At the 2010 RKC in Budapest Hungary I delved deeper into the art of the Kettlebells and left as a certified Instructor. Naturally I added Kettlebells to my schools program.

In the following years I continued to attend more Dragondoor workshops such as CK-FMS, RKC II, Bodyweight Workshops and made it my mission to spread the word in Germany. I taught Kettlebells to my Tae Kwon Do Students, held workshops in Germany and Switzerland and assisted Master Max Shank in the first ever RKC workshop in Germany.

For years I have been active as one of few German Bloggers on the subject of Kettlebell Training. I look forward to continue my work of spreading the Word about Kettlebells and the RKC in Germany.

Here is more about Moritz Rammensee in his own words:

Moritz is a management assistant in sports and fitness, RKC II, CK-FMS, PCC and Primal Move 2 instructor from Munich, Germany and co-founder of Kraft-und Bewegungsakademie.

In 2013 he co-founded the first RKC-based Gym in Munich, Germany together with Robert Rimoczi, Senior RKC and Steven Graves RKC.

Moritz is a firm believer that movement quality, good exercise technique and fun are the most important prerequisites for long term training success and a healthy lifestyle. He likes to call all of his clients “everyday athletes” and his goal is to make them ready for any physical situation they might encounter.
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