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Anyone here use / tried hoodia ?


New member
Just wondering what you think of it. I'm taking it right now, but I'm not really impressed - I think the appetite suppressing effect is overhyped (a supplement overhyped ? imagine that!).

Anyway, if anyone has had any luck with it I'd be interested. As far as amount taken, when you take it etc. etc. Thanks in advance.


New member
The current formulation of TrimSpa contains Hoodia, and I tried that for awhile. My reactions are identical to yours - not impressed.


New member
It definately works. The key is you need a high dosage, anything from 500mg to 1000mg. Less than that, and you won't feel it. And forget all the hoodia teas, chocolates, etc. Lots of rip offs out there. I use the brand DEX-L10 from GNC, the green bottle, not the red "complete" crap with everything under the sun in it. Beware that it won't give you any energy boost, just appetite suppresion....you won't be hungry for many hours.
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