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Approaching the kettlebell abyss....Q about KB size?

chris h

New member
Up until 3 weeks ago I included Kettlebell drills only sporadically. Maybe once a week. I have been doing routines out of RKC and the articles section for the past 3 weeks and can not believe how different my body looks in such a short time. Kettlebells obviously hit different muscles more intensely then the slow lifts. I had been working on a 405 dead but i'm giving it up because this is more fun. I have been using a 60lb dumbell but i'm now giving some thought to purchasing the real thing. I feel the 60lb dumbell is perfect. What does everyone think? What size should I buy?


New member
Get One of each size, 1.5 and 2pood

Nice to do the stuff from Steve Maxwell's tape. You really WILL WANT BOTH LATER ANYWAY, Chris. Don't deny this....trust me. Eventually you will
get both if you are DL'ing 405.
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