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Army PT.....And the Party methods....oh my I feel like Superman!!!!


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I enlisted in the Army 1 month ago and I have noticed some interesting things since I have been working out with my recruiter once a week. In my opinion the Naked Warrior is the most under rated piece of Pavels work. We all seem to go right for the really cool stuff like swings, tgu's, snatches, etc.....and no doubt they are great but when it comes to military standards for pushups, pullups, etc...the basics need to be addressed. My program for the last few months has been 1 arm puhups, pullups, and pistols. Im not claiming to be a super-stud, but that's what it comes off like when we PT. I am amazed how 1 armer's translate into high rep pushups, it's like a no brainer. Pistols have given me super piston legs as to where I don't really have to run to pass my 2 mile run time.( I have also been doing VWC 2-3 times per week) Pullups speak for them selves. The situps are funny to because I do NO crunches AND YET they are a breeze. I attribute it to the high tension ab work done by these movements.
I also love it because I put some muscle on and am able to move well, while everyone else looks gaunt and mal-trained because all they do is run.
I can't wait for combatives week where I can put all that muscle to the test....hahahahahahaha!!!!!

Thank You Pavel for your great work. You really take the average and make him great, the great and make them mutants. Thank You!!!!!
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