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Atlanta & Steve Cotter


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Dont forget Steve Cotter will be coming to Atlanta on July 23rd and 24th for a KB seminar and a Hsing Ie seminar. The Kb seminar will be six hours and cover the wide variety of kb work, including drills from his DVDs. Yo owe it to yourself to learn and refine your technique with Steve's unique methods.

The Hsing Ie seminar will be 3 hours on Sunday the 24th and Steve will be covering the foundations of movememnt, mechanics, QiGong, and fighting application in relation to the 5 elements and the 12 animals.

This will be a great introduction to this old Internal Chinese Martial art, and for those that have studied Hsing Ie, you will find Steve's methods to be very interesting and very practical ways of improving your practice.

Please email Steve for more info and to register.

Steve Cotter


Beginners Workshop Louisville, Ky 7/16/05

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Dave Randolph
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