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Baby announcement

Lisa Shaffer

New member
Hello everyone..

I had my 3rd baby girl last thursday. She was a month pre-mature. But she and I are doing spectacular. It was by far the easiest delivery yet. I attribute some of this to the great conditioning obtained with KB workouts over the past year.

Her name is Natalie, she was 5lbs 14 oz. and 18 1/2 inches long. What a blessing.

I'll be taking a couple of weeks off from training to recover. And then try to ease back into it. I see lots of HOC in my near future. :)

Thanks for reading.
Lisa, RKC
Congrats Lisa! Natalie is very lucky to have you as a mother!

Good luck with getting back in tip top shape soon and i hope you enjoy the special time that you and your family are going through.

Mike Mahler www.mikemahler.com


New member
Great news Lisa! Best wishes to you and Natalie.

MLiam's birth was the happiest,most intense,Love filled moment of my life. I can't imagine how great it must feel to do 3 times. Wow,Good job Momma. Welcome to the world baby. God bless you both.


New member
Congratulations Lisa...

My wife's name is Natalie! Best wishes to you and your family!



New member
Congratulations Lisa!

Like Mike M. said below, Natalie is very fortunate to have you as her Mother! I know that she will grow up to be a strong and quality person with you as her role model. Congrats and enjoy this special time!



New member

Glad to hear you're both doing well.

And enough of us have met you to know you're for real. ;-)

Will Lorkovic

New member
Fantastic and best wishes for good health for you and your kids! n/m

Fantastic and best wishes for good health for you and your kids! n/m


New member

I'm glad to hear that the birth went well and your daughter is doing fine.

Best wishes!

- Charles McCullough

Pavel Tsatsouline

Com. Lisa, congratulations! n/m

Com. Lisa, congratulations! n/m
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