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...to embark on that ambitious strength program, join a gym, purchase fancy and expensive equipment, make sure the horse is in front of the cart. The "horse" is by what I mean your mindset. Mental Toughness. Not motivation. Although motivation is good it is only good short term. Mental Toughness is long range-long term. I have always been interested in MT. Even more so that physical training. I have long realized that without MT all my hopes, dreams and desires to excel at physical training will fall woefully short. I have embarked on a routine of cold showers, Morning and afternoon. Going for 30 days. Been doing this for a week now. Its just a simple choice - hot or cold. No excuses can be made. Just a choice. Suck it up or be a wuss. So I choose not to be a wuss. Been doing a lot of youtube viewing on this. Wim Hoff has got something here. I will write a check for the book TODAY. But MENTAL TOUGHNESS is the key to it all. The CYPHER. Without it, failure is the end result. Without MT all your efforts will be half-assed. And unfulfilled. With MT excellence is achievable and highly possible. Subjecting yourself to the "hard stuff" everyday is the way to go. Cold showers is one way. Getting up at 5am for a morning run everyday with no excuses. is another. Forcing yourself to do things which make you fearful (getting out of your comfort zone) like for shy people - public speaking. Asking the most beautiful girl in the room for a date - is being outside your comfort zone. Skydiving if your afraid of heights. Swimming in deep ocean water at night. The list goes on. But MT cannot happen if you are always drinking hot cocoa by the fireplace surrounded by puppy dogs. Step into the cold and embrace the suck...Dennis
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