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Beginner Level: How to Increase Bone Density?

Repected and Experienced Fellow Members,

I m just beginning bodybuilding. I m hving blast of time with this new feel, its like every part of body is alive.

Food got digested very quick, so don't feel heavy. Really Awesum.

Plus my energy level is incresed. Stress level is so down and i m so up.


I have really thin Bones, i want to build bone mass. I want to gain to more done density.

I m 25. Height 5"9. Weight: 136 pounds

Kindly, let me know what kind of training i should adopt?
What kind of food i should take?
Should i take calcium supplements?
What kind of calcium supplements are best
for begginers?

How much bone density can be increased? Any "proven findings"
will be highly appreciative.

Thanxs in Advance

God Bless U all

Best Regards



New member
Chances are your bones are okay, but you lack in muscle mass. Any which way you cook it, weight training (inc. KBs) will do your job. Don't bother supplementing. For many reasons.
Edit: I got fooled by a spammer!?


New member
Supplementos dude is now banned dude, looks like he was here to sell supplements and maybe GM products :p
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